I am employed!

Because I do not wish my blog to come up in a coworkers search for the company, I will not be naming the company I am working for but if you know me, then you know where I work, and that's all that matters.

I am a full-time employee at an organization in Salt Lake City.

I get paid salary and commission on margins I can increase on the sales I close.

It is not a sales position but it does involve sales and negotiation.

Part of my interview was role-play as if I was on a call and I didn't give all of the allotted money away (that's a good thing!)

Because of this job, the distance, and the pay, I am able to go car shopping buying this weekend.

I start Tuesday.


Goodnight Hugs

I got a job today, but more on that later.

Right now we are going to talk about goodnight hugs.

I'm a hug kind of girl. It's probably because I'm quite a cuddler too.

TMI? Lo siento.

So tonight's hug... well, one of the many... went something like this:

Yo: Time for you to go home (he was fallin' asleep!)

El: Hm... no....

*after "falling asleep", and getting to look at my new dishes (serious.), he finally gives in

stand at the door, hug commences - somewhere during the hug someone starts shimmying. i wont admit to it being me... but it could have been... and if it was, i don't know why.

El: Ooh! (after he continues shimmying - hahaha this sounds better as I type it)

Yo: Knock it off, you're going to have to buy me dinner (a slight hint at what the besties have been trying to get me to bring up for the last week)

El: Why buy dinner, when we can just cook it

...a man after my own heart... 


Music Monday - It's Time

I get to see these guys so so soon.
Sept 2nd.
Provo Town Square.

imagine dragons... it's such a good name, and it needs italics... doesn't it sound like a name that should just be italicized all the time... oooh, imagine dragons.



Iron Chef: Provo

I know that I was going to do a food blog, and someday maybe I will but I realized as I started to put it together that I don't really use recipes for much of my cooking. I use base recipes sometimes but always try something different with them or I just make them up. They aren't ready for a cooking blog, to be shared with the those in the blogosphere. Not yet at least.

What you are ready for is Iron Chef.

Iron Chef was a concept that began in the DC2 ward long before I arrived. It started as a creative way to hold a dinner party each month and grew to have a great following in the ward.

Competitive Cooking? Sign me up.

I competed twice last summer, Iron Chef: Soda and Iron Chef: Saffron. Both were so fun and really had me exploring, looking for interesting recipes I thought others might not think of. I came in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. I'm so proud, if I can be, of that 3rd place because I received 5 votes for Saffron Cantuccini. 2nd place had 6 votes and 1st place had 7. That's some close competition.

I loved the idea and experience so much that I wanted to try and bring it to SVU. Too bad I could barely get friends together for a decent movie night once in awhile. It was not going to work.

When I moved to Provo the idea crossed my mind but it was a fleeting thought until one night when a guy friend asked if I had ever made gnocchi myself. Gnocci is not difficult, but the idea that someone who barely had scratched the surface in learning what kind of foodie I was asked if I had ever made homemade gnocchi, blew my mind. I knew that Provo had a real chance at being able to handle this thing.

So, I started a blog. I picked a date. I created a Facebook group. I invited friends. I talked it up. I picked an ingredient. and I lost. To someone who got their recipe from me a few hours before the dinner, but took the challenge in true Iron Chef fashion. A pineapple banana granita with red chili pepper flakes. What?!


And it tasted good, if you were wondering.

So next month he will be hosting Iron Chef: {Chocolate} and I couldn't be more excited.

For now, I will not have a cooking blog. I will be trying to win my first Iron Chef though and you can follow our adventures here at our Iron Chef: Provo blog.


Music Monday - Dirt

Sayde Price.
Take a little of Regina Spektor's mood and lyrics, mix with with some Brandi Carlisle folky sounds, and it still doesn't get you to Sayde Price.

But when my friend Dan (yes, he's technically Spencer's cousin but I think I will call him my friend, because hopefully we're at that point by now) asked who she sounded like that is about the answer I gave him.

Sayde is a local artist - have I mentioned yet how much I adore the Provo/Salt Lake music scene? It's fantastic. Sayde did not let us down.

A few Fridays back a few of us went to this little shindig:

We arrived as the opening act, The Mollie's were finishing up and just in time to see CJane. storm the stage. I geeked out thinking oh my, I follow this woman's blog and there she is. It's probably how I would feel if I ever met Taza (though, her sisters go to SVU so that wouldn't be completely out of the blue) or if I saw Sam from Young People in Love (also wouldn't be so far from possible considering we live in the same general area now and I see her blogging about things I've been to) but STILL. It was pretty cool. No one I was with knew who she was, but I did.

We met up with Dan and listened to Sayde and Joshua James - for free.

Good music. Good company. Free.

I love Provo.

For your enjoyment, I give you Sayde Price, Dirt


Music Monday - Something Good Can Work

Four Words -


I discovered them on amazon when their song "What You Know" was on the 69cent list. I bought it,
I listened to it, and then I listened to it again, and again.

The band was formed in 2007, and is composed of Sam, Alex, and Kevin from Northern Ireland. "What You Know" is their most recent single (one you should obtain) but today's Music Monday is featuring a song they first released in 2009 called "Something Good Can Work". I hadn't heard this song until one of the girls in my apartment complex played it during some pizza night we had and now, it's quickly becoming a favorite.

Confession: (most) Everytime I tell people about Two Door Cinema Club I wind up saying "Two Door Cinnamon Club". Truth.


What kind of girl am I?

Growing up people were always classified. You had the jocks, the nerds, the band geeks, the popular crew (which usually consisted of our Field Hockey team and our Boys Soccer team), and the rest of us that didn't fit in.

Thankfully, once you get to college most of that clique stuff is thrown out and you are just you.

Something that happened today though made me really think, What kind of girl am I? Where do I fit in?

Why do I question this?

Because today I got Letters to Juliet in the mail (thanks, Netflix. I'm dumping you in like twenty days) and instead of watching it, I decided to wait until the closing bell (NYSE) to see how our markets panned out today after yesterday's huge drop in points.

And then, after the closing bell, I'm still watching and haven't even felt the need to change it..

What kind of girl am I?