I wasnt sure exactly what I should title this but "School" works, since that is pretty much all I do. Classes have been going for about 2 weeks now, it seems so crazy to think that I started my 4th semester at SVU 2 weeks ago, but its true. All of my classes are fun, and pretty easy to handle except for that information technology one - I have a feeling that is going to be kind of hard as we get into it. I really love my institute class (Teachings of the Living Prophets), I don't know why I was so stubborn before to take one. We have moved to the new ward building that they built on our campus, its so nice to have our own ward building now. We start church there on February 1st and my ward moves from a 1pm start time to a 9am start time (more like home, but it will take some getting used to). We also have Relief Society first to allow another ward to have their meetings in the chapel and then we switch, I'm hoping I will still have the want to get up even though relief society is first. Besides that, I have decided to not become a Body Attack instructor. I kind of decided this towards the end of Christmas break and thought that it would allow me more time for my internship and that is exactly what has happened. I really don't know how I would have balanced it all now seeing as I do not have that much free time now and that is without Body Attack (though I really cannot wait until classes start). My internship, with the school's newspaper, got off to a rocky start (we could not find any of our money... anywhere!), but is now smoothing out. I have to make a lot of different forms and contracts for advertisements and such for the business and those I work with in newspaper. It is really fun, and I hope to do the same thing next semester(...and maybe the semester after that as well) Other than classes, church, and my internship not much else is happening. I have met some new students and made a few new friends, and I will have to post pictures from the disney themed welcome back dance (I was Gabriella from HSM, Mallory was Kelsi, Rika was Sharpay, and Nate Pence made my week by actually coming dressed up as Ryan) but for now... I think I'll take a nap before institute :-)


Back to School

I'm here! I'm home! I am almost unpacked! Ha its taken so long to unpack everything, there are still things that I just havent decided where they should go. Its going to take all day, thats for sure. I still have to get a refrigerator and maybe a microwave but I have a good feeling about living in the dorms. I woke up this morning and haha I was happy to not be in carriage. Its weird but whatev. Ill post pictures once everything is organized and pretty looking :-)