Tomorrow, Finance is starting an hour early!! Harsh but we have a test and its pretty necessary. Now the first time we met early a few weeks back I suggested doing breakfast fridays... it hasnt happened due to some recent happenings but tomorrow (er... tonight) im making blueberry muffins for class tomorrow! I hope this isnt a bad idea. Making them tonight for tomorrow mornings class... here is what i hope they will look like :-)

This photograph is from THIS BLOG and Jessie, author of THIS POST, seems to love these muffins. Now, bear in mind im a poor college student so I do things on the cheap a.k.a. my muffin mix cost 76cents a pack, all i have to do is add water and the "blueberries" look like little pellets... BUT Im hoping the crumb topping will take them to another level and make "just ad water" muffins a whole lot more yummy!


Ive left my heart... in Washington, DC

I miss this place. Its time for another trip. All those in favor, Say "Aye!"


Happy 73rd!!

To Daddy,

I know you dont read this blog. You probably dont even know I have one, and if you did you dont like computers so you wouldnt be able to read it anyway. Knowing you, you would have mom print off my posts so you could read them in print. Thats just the kind of thing you do and thats cool. Im glad that you havent given in to technology, something that has taken over everyones lives. You still write all of your to-do lists on paper with a pen or pencil, your bank actually knows what you look like and calls you by your first name because you would rather deal with people, you pay bills and chat with the women about their families because you havent let technology take away relationships that you have the chance to form with people. Its cool. Really. Back to the original point of this post though, Happy Birthday. Seventy Three! Im almost positive that every time I tell someone that my dad is that old they say thats how old their grandparents are, its okay, we've heard that since we were kids. Thanks for being my biggest supporter, my biggest fan, and my best friend through the last 20 years. We may have not gotten along this well until high school and we may still have our disagreements but you know when it comes down to it you are by far my favorite person. Happy Birthday!!!



Feel bad wasting time online?

Want to feel better about the time you spend online?

Go Here!

FreeRice donates 10 grains of rice for every question you answer correctly. You can choose different subjects too which I thought was really cool. I usually do Famous Paintings or Spanish which is fun because its helping me study and Im helping someone else.

Now I dont suggest spending all day on FreeRice - though its possible... but think of if you did this for a just a few minutes every other day. It adds up.


Facebook Fast - Round Two

Yeah - Its time this happens again. First time was great! I spent time making headbands, doing homework, going to class! It was wonderful. Friends, Ive found myself having trouble staying off of facebook again. Its not like I dont have other things I could do. I wanted to go running today and I wanted to do some extra reading for my Finance class... among other things and I was on facebook - a lot. Im thinking I will start this sunday. Why am I putting it off? Well a few reasons. I am in the process of finding an internship in Washington, DC BUT I cant afford housing there so I am frantically emailing friends on facebook who I know live in DC or their parents do and while I can call if I need to, this is a much easier way to do it at this stage of the process. Also - The LAX boys have a game saturday and Ill be taking pictures and the fast is a week long... it wouldnt be nice to keep them waiting so long for pictures. We will see though. If I notice it getting any worse, I can and will pull the plug. I wish I had more dedication to things, that I could just stay away from it without having to cut myself off completely for a length of time - I suppose this skill will someday come if I keep working at it. Sigh. :-\



Well, I havent named him/her yet but its my newest baby. My sony vaio has been more than faithful since July 2007 but lately it has been crashing on me (not fully but it would shut down whenever it felt like it and the battery was also completely fried). It was a good time to get a computer since I am home for spring break and I need a functioning computer for school. Hopefully this will motivate me in schoolwork :-)