That last post was supposed to go on my summer blog, My Summer in Washington, but ended up here... Oh well.


"When the lights go down in the city..."

We have been without power since Sunday afternoon. Really, it has not been that bad for us. For a girl like me who is pretty freaked out by all the glorified dooms-day talk it has not been fun at all to drive down Wisconsin/Rockville without any street lights at 10p.m. but my car functions, My roof has not been smashed in by a tree, and we still have water (whether its cold or not).

Kita posted a link to some photos that PEPCO posted, My inconveinance is nothing like this.

I have great friends in the ward and great coworkers that have offered advice (Mauri made sure to give me the motherly warnings of "Watch how you feel, If you smell something different it could be CO, Dont become overheated", etc.) places to stay (Thanks BadAsh, Ciera, Johnathan) & laughs (Kita, M, Mags & Others)

and just for kicks, I needed to include this....

D.C. Update

Are you checking my summer blog?

Teaser: Due to recent events I have brought Shampoo, Conditioner, A towel, Hair Dryer & Straightener with me to work today....