"Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!"

Have you seen that on youtube yet? Its pretty funny. . . Im almost sad that I missed it on American Idol. Not to worry though, a small boy in walmart gave me a recap of it the other night while I was shopping for fabric. His dad was pushing the car and he was hanging on the back and in the most southern accent that could come out of a child he sang "pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!" Good Stuff.

Day 4 -
I woke up thinking all I had to do before spanish was review vocabulary. . . Wrong! I had an assignment due. . . its not that easy with a memory like mine to forget these assignments but I did get it done in time and made it to class. After class I went to work, back to the cafe! I had a good first day back but had to rush closing because the other closer left early and I had newspaper! Tonight I had a discussion with my advisor on newspaper. I have been pretty frustrated with some things going on in this class and have decided to back off on this position some. I have an opportunity to do an internship for HR (human resources) at the school and its something I feel I should take full advantage of since I know that sales (what I do with newspaper) is not what I want to do when I graduate and HR might be. I was worried about bringing this up thinking that my advisor might be upset but I felt prompted to say that I needed someone to take over parts of it while I stay to simply advise them on the position instead of just saying that I was leaving. This seemed to work out MUCH better than I planned it would and he liked the idea. After newspaper I came home, made dinner (chicken and ravioli - yum!) and now im about to start some homework. Ill probably make a headband before or after homework for relaxation purposes :-)

So far... Day 4 has been great!

Before I go, here is the game we played for FHE last night. Ill call it. . . NUMBERS.
You have one die, one pen, and a piece of paper for everyone playing. This game is fun for a group of 10 or so. The pen sits in the middle of the floor. One person starts by rolling the die - If they roll a 6 they can take the pen and they must start writing down numbers from 1-100 in order. If they dont get a 6 the next person rolls, and this continues until someone rolls a 6. The die is passed from person to person. Whenever someone gets a 6 they must get up and take the pen from the person who has it and begin writing on their paper. Its mayhem! People are hoping to roll 6's, running around the room, trying to grab the pen and get back to their seat to write down numbers before someone else gets a 6. Sounds fun huh?! It is! Ill play this one again.

Im off to do homework. Adios, Blogspot. :-)


Free Oreos?!

Man, did I pick a bad week to stay away from Facebook! Free Oreos?! Oh, if only they said they would pay for the peanut butter that I eat with those sweet delicious bits of heaven. . . Then I might really regret staying off of Facebook but so far. . .
I am actually not doing terribly with this whole thing. Its the end of Day 3, Its been tempting but I have been fulfilling the rest of my little goals or at least working on them. I did a lot of blog searching yesterday for more crafts/coupons. . . Yeah, Im a twenty year old, college student, coupon clipper - you got me!
Im not totally in to it yet, I figure that might come post finding mister perfect but for now, Id like to save some money on things I buy all of the time.
Anyway, as for the rest of the goals - Sunday I made it to Nursery (which we have during sunday school and yes we really do have a Nursery in a University Singles Ward, I get to watch 3 daughters of guys in the bishopric - so much fun!) and to Relief Society but had a Sunday where I couldnt find anything to wear and even though I thought I got up early enough... I didnt so it took me forever and I missed Sacrament. Today, I made it to all of my classes thought I had a slight slip up with one. Managerial Finance - I didnt realize that I had misplaced my calculator and planned on doing the few TVM (Time Value of Money - pretty cool... maybe Ill blog about that one day) functions that were homework this morning... without a calculator its a little more difficult and I was VERY lost in class so I am one little homework assignment behind (though Ill catch up now that I have Mal's calculator) and still going on with the goals!
Also - I have 2 headbands made! One is probably a 1inch thick band and the other a tiny 1/2inch band. The thicker one had this black... leather type covering and the small one was clear and plastic - definitely needed saving. I wrapped the thick one in a gray/silver ribbon and the thin one in a navy ribbon. Both look great! I have to take pictures. The tiny one is my favorite because it is harger to get the ribbon to stay really tight on a thin plastic band so it makes all this texture on it... Im excited to wear this one out.
Okay, folks... Time for bed. Day 4 is ahead of me. One Class. 4.5 Hours of work at the Cafe. 30 minutes of Newspaper. 1 hour Management Society Meeting. Approx. 5 hours of homework... AH!! I promise to find a few minutes to update you on Day 4... Never Fear.
P.S. I realized that my last two posts have me talking about my two roomates and their serious boyfriends... Its really not that bad. They let me play texas hold 'em with them :-) and they are fun to hang with, Id just rather have someone around to break that whole "5th Wheel" feel. I did go to FHE tonight though... and we played a fun game... Ill save that for tomorrows post too!


One Week - Without Facebook

You may not think this is a big deal... but it is. As of Saturday morning, I am going one full week without facebook. This is going to be hard as it is something I spend WAY too much time on. Its fun to check up on friends, and see what people are doing but it has proved to be doing me much less good than I think it is. You see, with John gone and both of my roomates having boyfriends whom they spend their time with I am left. . . with oodles of homework and facebook. Dont get me wrong - I am totally understanding of the fact that I need to make more of an effort to reach out and hang out with other people and make friends... Im trying. I text people, I try to plan movie nights... trips to DC are on hold until my car is totally fixed but I try....

So plans for the week are as follows:

*Volleyball with Taylor on Friday (YAY for Plans!)

*Finish some bracelets and necklaces I have started

*Sewing!! I have had some things that I have wanted to learn how to sew for awhile now, I bought some on sale fabric and this is my first project to tackle

*New Craft - Headbands!

or maybe Ill try to combine Sewing and Headbands

If I need some more ideas, I have plenty of options - Ive been blogSurfing.

I LOVE her idea for a Necklace Organizer, who doesnt need one of these? I might even make a few, a medium sized one for necklaces and two smaller ones for earings and bracelets... maybe a bigger hook for some rings? So many possibilities.

If I get in the mood to scrapbook but dont know where to start, ill Try this

Long story short, Im really excited for this weeks goals of

A- No Facebook

B - 100% Class Attendance

C - 100% Completed Homework

D - HANGING OUT WITH PEOPLE, No more being a hermit huddled doing homework in my house (yes, I tried to get all those "h" words in there on purpose)

E - Being Crafty & Developing/Learning some talents!

Look for pictures on Saturday, Im hoping to have something to show for my week of no facebook.

And here... is a picture of Maljulio (malHulio) and I in DC in November.


Ciao Bella!!

So I have not posted since JULY... Why didnt someone call me up and tell me to get my rear end back on this thing!? I have missed a whole semester of updates.

Well, Fall semester was... interesting. I spent pretty much all of my time (free time and time I should have been doing homework) with John. Yeah. I know. But its not what you think. We really just get along well and both loved the idea of getting lost in DC at least one weekend out of the month. Classes... of course did not go so well. I was very worried come November that I would be failing three classes.... THREE! Not good by any means. I did pull some of it out. I only failed Managerial Finance... but it is a really hard class. I am taking it again now and am finding this semester to be much easier, possibly because my one distraction is now back in Las Vegas as he has graduated. Other than that Fall semester was so much fun. As I said at least one saturday of each month was dedicated towards DC. John would go do a session and I would hang out in the visitors center or on the temple grounds which are beautiful up there and then we would go ride the metro all day, discover new museums (all of them are free except for the Spy museum so we find the free ones ha), and found some great places to eat up there. We truly are fat kids aka we like our good food. We did a lot of that last semester too... a lot of cooking. This is weird because I hate... okay, dislike cooking with other people. I think this comes because I know how I want my peppers cut, how I want my chicken cooked, how I want things set up and Im not a very good teacher so I am the only one who can figure it out though I came to learn how to accept help. He is a very good cook (even made dinner for the fam when we went up after finals).

Yes... I still know how this sounds but I promise... Just Friends. In my last post I commented how he was flying in to NY and after finals he flew out of JFK so we had a few more days in NY. I was home for Christmas but left a few days after to come back to school so I could go to....




Yes, it was as amazing as you might think it was, sorry for rubbing it in but you must know of my excitement and love for the area and hopefully one day you will get to go too! I know of some great little restaurants and gelato shops so just let me know if you do get the chance. Ive decided that if money allows it that whenever I happen to find "him" we are going to Italy on our honeymoon... Im hoping that being with me will be enough for him and he wont care where we go (though really... who is going to protest wanting to go to Italy)

Once I get all of my photos Ill pick and choose a few per day to put up here. It was a wonderful trip. My first time on a plane. First time on a transatlantic flight. First time in a foreign country... for new years too. It was a load of firsts but so much fun. Ive decided I am really a big fan of traveling.

So now I am back in Buena Vista, Virginia. Spring Semester has started and I am very excited for it. So far I have... done homework. Lots of homework. Every night... Im doing homework. Its not that I have a very large amount its just I am enjoying doing it right now - which is super weird for me. Im being very less than social. Part of that problem is the one person I spent so much time with last semester is indeed gone and I feel like I have to go out and meet a bunch of people... It doesnt help that both of my roomates have serious boyfriends and spend most of their time with them leaving me to do... homework. Im sure my advisor with love this though, now that I have all this time to be on top of schoolwork. I havent started back at the cafe yet, still trying to figure out if it will be a good idea and if I should do it with an 18 credit courseload (Managerial Finance, Spanish 2, Classics of Western Literature, Organizational Communication, Principles of Organization and Leadership, Senior Staff Newspaper - Business Manager) and I am still involved in SVU Management Society. I think Ill be able to free up some time considering my event for MS is this thursday and then I just need to assist in others events.

Anyway... this has been long and probably boring for others but I enjoy blogging. My fingers type faster than my hands can write so I know that if I dont get something down in my journal it will most likely be on my blog (except when I forget about the blog since July.... uh!)