A Lesson in Patience

Before you roll your eyes or think, well that's a trivial trial, realize that to me its important.

I am now willingly enduring an extended stay in New York until Monday morning until about 10:00am. Tuesday night after having a great evening with Sam, Mallory, Boomer, Brandon & Tommy (on the phone, but it counts) I was pulled over on the way home. The cop was looking for any reason to give me a ticket, I can honestly say that. He asked Mallory to roll down her window, while mine was also down, and said I had a tail light that was out. He asked where we were going, where I was from, what my name was (first & last - while he had my license), etc. We could not find my registration so he looked on the windshield and discovered my inspection expired Sept 2010. (For this little part, I am grateful. I needed to get an inspection and really didn't look at the sticker thinking Dad would remind me. Its better it was caught while I was home and not in Virginia) He gave me two tickets - one for the light (which was really flickering, not totally out) and the inspection. Dad and I went to fix the inspection today but for some reason our mechanic was out of the stickers and said the mechanics he knew of in the area were all also out of the stickers for some reason. He said he could do it first thing Monday morning.

I was upset. Frustrated. Just, ready to leave. Like I said previously, I love home & the people here but I am so ready to get back to my home, and my life. My busy, crazy, get to hang out with the boyfriend & his family, 17 credits, senior status, senior paper, three jobs life! I want it back. Tears were involved, out of pure frustration. Not to mention date night has now been postponed. Scott and I were planning on date night & exchange of Christmas presents Saturday. Now that's pushed to Monday and depending on his work schedule next week we may or may not be able to go to DC before classes start like I so want to do (just think Baked & Wired, Teaism, Georgetown, Monuments & the Temple @ night, riding the metro - makes me giddy thinking I get to show Scott around my city. Yup, its mine)

I have decided that this is an obvious lesson in patience. Apparently I need another two days here... for something. I'll figure it out. So while I am frustrated and honestly ready to get back to Virginia, I'll figure out a way to find joy in my extra two days in New York.

For the record - This is the longest amount of time I have been in New York since the summer after freshman year. Spring Break, Christmas Break & Thanksgiving Break are all short trips and the summers were spent in DC & BV. When I did come home over sophomore years summer it was for one week in rhode island and one week at home. This break has been two straight weeks at my parents. Its time for Virginia.


New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down

This morning I reached a point that I usually reach a lot earlier in my breaks from school when I come home.

I'm ready to go back. I am ready to just leave New York.

We texted this morning as I hit my breaking point and he told me to look up this song. Its perfect.

Don't get me wrong. Being home has some real perks. I love being in my own room again, having my bathroom, heck - i like my whole house :) Its nice spending time with Dad, Mom & the boys. Joey is still Joey but George has done a lot of growing up since I was last home and its great to see that. I like being able to go to church with the family, I like not having to spend my own money on gas. I like seeing Mike, Laura, Sam, and over this trip - Brandon & Boomer (and talking to Tommy on the phone). It has been a great break, but -

I feel like my parents have a hard time grasping that I have really been on my own for the last three years. I stayed for a summer term after freshman year. I lived in Buena Vista the entire summer after sophomore year. I worked in Washington, DC this past summer. I am about to graduate and move to either Salt Lake, Washington DC or Orlando - Life is moving, Im living, and doing it on my own.

Am I too independent for my own good? I wonder that sometimes.

Anyway - listen to the song, and look for updates on when I get back to VA & the haircut. Its cool.




I have slept - so much - since I have been home and actually,
It's been wonderful.

I have done other fun things too.

I would post pictures but I can't - The internet is slow, and we're in the middle of a

Nor'Easter :-)

That word, by the way, doesnt really exist in Virginia

People look at me like I'm crazy when I talk about them.

For now, I'll leave you with some sweet tunes.



Why Yes, Panera Bread, I will buy a "pick two" (sierra turkey & french onion soup), with a drink and then only pay 99cents for a $2.35 Orange Scone that I will eat for breakfast tomorrow.

In fact.

You may just have made me want to come visit you again so I can do the same thing, maybe switching up my soup choice, and get another delicious baked good at less than half price.

Darn deals :)


On the Soap Box - Engagements

Dear Readers,
This is not an announcement, but a venting session. Let me preempt this by saying that this post is not meant to be directed at any one person. I do not know details for all of the situations I am referring to in this post but I do know how they make me feel. I do not mean for this to be a self-centered rant but rather a thought provoking ...discussion, if you'll comment. Get ready, I am getting on the soap box.
Is an engagement the latest fad?
Sounds rather ridiculous to call an engagement a fad but darlin' it seems like this is what we are coming to. I can use both hands to count how many couples, whom I personally know, who have called off their engagement in the last year or so. The reasons vary: They did not know each other well enough, things were going too fast, etc. These reasons are valid and I will commend these couples for realizing a fault and stopping things before they went through with a Temple sealing, beginning what might have been a very rocky relationship. When two people are in a relationship some may say that they have the "goggles" on, They see much good in the person they are with but are so infatuated that they fail to see any flaws, or issues that may make it more difficult for a successful marriage. Side note: Marriage is work. I understand this. I do not expect to marry someone that I am so in tune with that we will not have problems, however, I would hope that we are both close to the Lord to know that with one another we would be able to make a marriage work.
That being said, lets say that you do have these "goggles" on. Might I suggest that you take them off before you say "Yes". It seems these days that couples take an engagement to mean a further trial run of their relationship before a marriage. Sorry, I disagree. It is situations like these that seem to take the magic out of an engagement. Call me a hopeless romantic but I am so excited for that stage in my life, whenever it comes. I just don't see myself going back on something like that.

Thoughts? Is this happening elsewhere? Or is this a Southern Mormon thing?

Stepping Off the Soap Box


Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving this year did not turn out as I had planned. I was planning on going to DC to spend time with friends from this summer, stay with Rachel and come back to BV on Friday. With my license being expired (but renewed, i just hadn't gotten it in the mail yet) my dad felt uneasy about me going and with my car acting up and a possibility of the exhaust pipe falling off on the trip up or back, I felt uneasy. After thought, and a little complaining I went to visit Scott at work and tell him that I didn't think I was going to go to DC. He suggested I drive ten miles or so and see how I feel about it after I get going. I took his advice, started back on 81 and the check engine light came on. Not that this is anything new but I had just disconnected the battery so it wouldn't do that and it came on after fifteen miles, not good.

I decided to stay in Buena Vista and get my car fixed instead of tripping it up to DC. While I was pretty bummed (okay, maybe really bummed. I was a poop to be around for a day or two) I still had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mallory and I went to Roanoke to go shopping on Wed. and we found a lot of great deals :) On Thursday, I went to Scott's house and spent the day with the Dransfields. Literally, all day. I got there about 11:00am and we began cooking. We ate dinner, went on a short walk/bird watching expedition, watched elf (well everyone else watched Elf, Scott and I fell asleep in the corner hah), woke up and ate dessert, played apples to apples, ate some more dessert, watched Spirited Away, took another nap - and then I left. 14 hours. It was a good build up to what Saturday would be.

Friday I just hung around and did some housework. Relaxed day. Saturday I woke up and went to Lowe's to get a copy of my car key made so I could drop off my car at the shop. Scott came by to pick me up and drove over with me so I could drop my car off. We filled up the gas tank and jumped on 81. 4 hours later we arrived in Norfolk. We drove around a bit, found some parking and headed out for some pre-concert adventures. We went down to the waterfront and took some pictures, and then began walking towards The Chrysler Museum of Art. I really liked this gallery a lot. It was small (only 2 floors) but had a really great variety in its art work. We left and walked past Norva to see if there was a crowd and saw a few people in line. We decided to head back to the car and pick up our tickets and go back to Norva. A few hours later we were in and listening to some local opening bands, and then came MAE. I liked them before but I really like them now. They put on a great live show and involved the audience. I was worried I would not know the songs they were playing but I knew most of them so that was fun too.


Have you ever smiled for 20 hrs?

I have.

Upcoming post: Thanksgiving Break


Creme Brulee - Round 1

I need to explain to you how easy it is to make a Creme Brulee because it is SO easy!


1/3 c. White Sugar
4 egg yolks
2 c. Cream (Heavy Whipping Cream)
1 vanilla bean or 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Scald the Cream & Vanilla on low heat (med-low if your stove is like mine). You just want the cream to warm and the vanilla to combine with the cream. No boiling, yeah? Mix the egg yolks and the sugar. While waiting on the cream boil water, or start that handy hot pot you've got laying around from when you weren't supposed to have cooking gadgets in the dorms... I mean... Yeah. When Vanilla Cream is warmed, add some to the egg mixture and stir to temper the eggs. This means that when you add the rest of the Cream it will not cook the eggs. Mix the rest of the cream in to the eggs and sugar, being careful to not add too much air. Portion out the cream in to your ramekins, filling each to about the top. Place in a shallow baking dish or on a cake pan. Fill pan halfway up the ramekins with boiling water - Do not get any in to the ramekins! Bake for 30-35 min at 325. Test by gently shaking one ramekin, it should look like pudding - slightly moving but not liquid. Take them out of the pan, allow to cool on a wire rack and when they are cool enough to move, cover with plastic wrap and put them in the fridge. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. When ready to serve, cover tops with sugar (I used Turbinado) and torch! White sugar may burn quicker but I really loved the Turbinado. Serve with Raspberry Sauce and fresh berries for instant Ooh's & Aah's from the boyfriends parents :)

See? Easy.

Scott and I taking turns burning the sugar.... Maybe one day we'll both end up in the same photo. Until then, this will have to do. Also, thats Megs in the background (Scotts Sister, My co-worker & friend, Basically 1/2 of the masterminds behind Scott & I)

Once served, they were gone in a matter of minutes. Its easy, pretty close to fool-proof once you get the hang of it, and looks like one of those "big deal" desserts that takes time, skill and money but no, you just need to find a boy to buy you fun kitchen gadgets :)


I woke up this morning feeling like P. Diddy

Okay maybe not P. Diddy but this morning has been super productive. Ive loved it because yesterday was far from productive, I basically just went to walmart and brought Scott a "get better" bag with lots of goodies in it since he was feeling sick. This morning, though, was great! I woke up and made some banana bread for starters. I bought bananas yesterday just for this but I thought I would have a few days since they were yellow, well this morning they were nice and brown so I made some yummy banana bread. I can say yummy because its a pretty fool proof recipe and I am eating some of it right now :)

After that I started on the creme brulee. Scott and I havent started our "no sugar" ...thing yet but we decided Sundays would for sure be our day off (since you cant go out and buy things, youd have to just deal with what you have in the house - scott's reasoning) and it is Sunday, and he bought me a creme brulee set so I am taking advantage. It smells like Banana Bread and Creme Brulee (very vanilla cream) in my house - Oh my, Good!

On top of the cooking I have vacuumed the apartment, folded laundry, taken out the trash and recycling, put on and taken off a face mask :), and done some general tidying up.

And now, I have Ward Conference, Home Teachers coming after church, and some other odds and ends I'd like to do. But, just as a re-cap, I knocked out half of my 10 point to-do list in 3 hours.

My Creme Brulee Set :-)


This post brought to you by the Creepy Radio Shack Employee

I havent been able to find my cord for my camera and therefore have not uploaded photos since Halloween!! I was doing some shopping today and decided I needed to fix it and went to Radio Shack to see if they had a card reader. The guy handed one to me and then proceeded to mess up the check out process so bad, it took two employees and at least fifteen minutes to get me out of there. He kept asking me about school, where I was from, what my Thanksgiving plans were - I pulled the old CTR Ring Switch, moving it from my right to my left hand, and trying desperately to be overly obvious about the little band on my left ring finger. Yes, I really do that sometimes. Yes, it works.

BUT - Because of him I now have photos!! And I want to show them to you :-)

Halloween @ SVU - Senior Year :)

I need to boast just a tad. Mal and I have had some sweet costumes over the years. Freshman year we were two of five "Skittles" - purple (me) and green (mal). Sophomore year she was Ghetto Barbie while I was Soccer Barbie. Junior Year I was Donatello, and she was Leonardo (complete with sweet shells). This year I was set on being a Bumblebee (with a tu-tu. dont ask where I got the idea, I dont know, I just wanted to make a tu-tu). Mallory was a Muse (think Hercules) with one of her roomates. It was a fun night :)

Charlie Manuel visits SVU

Charlie Manuel, manager of the Phillies is a Buena Vista native and came back to visit and for a forum. I really didnt follow much of what he said because he was speaking buena vistian but it was a decent time. This is Mal with one of the signs they put on our chairs to wave when he came in to the arena.

This is Scott.
He's the boyfriend.

[ :-) ]

I made pulled pork a friday or two ago which happens to combine two of his favorite things - Meat & Sauce. This boy loves Sauce. I think these two pictures sum him up pretty well.

My birthday present from Sam. Kahlua Chocolates :-)
I told Mom about these and she insisted that they had
alcohol in them. I told her that I read the package at least
three times, and that I was certain they were okay. It was
very funny though, trying to convince her.

For Bones Night we made Peppermint Bark. Scott chopped the chocolate and broke the candy canes... I think the crew is watching Outsourced here.

Hopefully more fun pictures to come :)


Am I really that obvious?

I told my Grandma a month back that I needed to stop buying kitchen things for myself because if I didnt, I would have nothing left to put on my wedding registry (whenever that happens, no this is not a hint). Think I am kidding? Let us list what I have. 7qt Crock Pot, Paring Knives & Santoku knives, A set of dishes from mom, Baking Stone, French Rolling Pin, Cake plates & platters, Oxo Spatulas (BEST PANCAKE SPATULA EVER), Other spoons & cooking utensils, Cutting Board, Various baking dishes (square, round, big, small, etc.)

Basically - I have a lot.

But what did I get for my birthday?

From my sister:
A Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Utility Knife (red one)
Two - Island Bamboo Spatulas (colors are wrong. the bright red one is actually a darker red like the knife and the green one is the bright red color)

I did not know that these gifts were on their way when I called Grandma to tell her about the present Scott got for me. While on the phone with her I said I needed to stop buying kitchen stuff and she laughed. I get it now.


My day as The Birthday Girl

November Sixteenth.

Oh, it's a fun day. This 11/16 is my last at SVU. It is probably the last birthday I will celebrate in Buena Vista, VA. It was fun.

Monday night I needed to go to a local ice cream shoppe, Sweet Things, to get some more information on their company for a presentation we had Tuesday (Marketing - Supply Chain Management). I had a goal of finishing the Book of Mormon by my birthday and told Scott that we probably could not do anything Monday night because I wanted to try and finish. Love: He is an RM, and gets that and was happy to give me up for a night :). Well, I read, and read, and read, but I needed a break and I needed to go to Sweet Things so I called up the boy and asked if he wanted to come with, picked him up and we were off. It was raining, I hate rain, and when we got to Lexington we just sat in the car listening to WNRN for ...fifteen minutes or so before I decided to drive closer and see if there was closer parking. We get over there and they are closed! Well, I still needed time away from my apartment so we went to Wal-mart and picked up some Cheesecake and Strawberry Milk, and went to the gas station to visit our friend, Ryan. I wound up being distracted for a lot longer than I intended but eventually made it home to finish other projects. (I haven't finished my reading yet but I plan on doing that today. Next goal is to start again and finish by Christmas)

So that was the birthday eve.

The next morning I was walking to class and Amanda catches me by the library with a loud rendition of "happy birthday". Thank you. I go to class and Perkins says she wont embarrass me. Again, Thank you. I head home after Philosophy to pick up a bucket of Pumpkin Ice Cream for our Marketing presentation. I get back and Skylar makes a motion (we do parliamentary procedure in this class) to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. They do. Yup, Thank you. We dish out Ice cream and our presentation goes fairly well. I go home, change, go to Law and Jemma announces that it is my birthday. One more time, "Happy Birthday", and Thank you.

Scott asked if he could come pick me up around 4:00pm but gave me no other clues as to what plans were. For a planner and a worrier, like me, that was... interesting. I get out to the car and his mom is in the backseat with a box (yay). She said she wanted to see my face when I opened it haha. I open the box and it contains about 12 issues of one of her favorite cooking magazines, with a very nice card. I was so excited because two issues were all about soup and boy, do I want some soup now that its cold here. I loved it. We dropped her off at the house and left on our trip.

Scott said because it was my birthday, I got to pick the music. Well, I saw the Garden State Soundtrack and put it in. He seemed hesitant and said, "Oh, you're not going to look around?" (me) "No, I saw Garden State and we haven't listened to that yet... should I look?" (Scott) "Well.... you could..."

MIX CD - Just for Me :)

I quickly changed the disc and we listened to the mix the whole way to.... Harrisonburg! His original plan was to kidnap me to DC (Love it!) but he wasn't sure if he could get one of the parents cars for that, and it would have been crazy seeing as I get out of class at 3. We arrive in Harrisonburg and he is looking for this place, wont let me see the map so I can help, so we just drive until he finds it. This little Italian place (Sam, Ry, Laura, Mal - Think Salvatores... with a more classy interior and the food being a little more authentic but same vibe, small town Italian place) and woah, was it good. They had 'amatriciana which is what I ate a lot of in Italy so I ordered that and it was SO GOOD!

After we went to pick out a movie and get tickets. We had two hours until our movie so we went to Wal-Mart to shop for Gavin for his birthday. Gavin is Scott's, now 10 year old, brother whose birthday is also 16 November. We could not find the game that we were looking for so we walked around. He walked me straight to the kitchen section and kept asking if I had this, or that. I told him that I didn't want anything, nor need anything, and that my birthday date was enough. We went over to Bed, Bath and Beyond though because I wanted to see if they had a few things that I did want so I could get myself a present. After looking at many fun things Scott said "Hypothetically, if you were to get one of these four things we saw, which would you get? Hypothetically of course".

and I am now the proud owner of -
A Creme Brulee Set

We went to a few more stores, watched Morning Glory (not recommended) and drove home. I think Ive already said this but twenty was a fun year... I think twenty-one is going to full of more adventures and I am so excited.


"Stealing Kisses, Wishing I was 21"

Oh - but I am. Twenty-one.

Twenty was fun but Twenty-one has a lot of promise. I am graduating at the end of this year. I will move back to Washington, D.C. and hopefully bum it with my DC2's again. Until then I will enjoy Buena Vista and the Shenandoah Valley to its fullest.

I can honestly say that right now, Life is Good. I am happy. Ive begun to understand what it takes for me to make myself happy, vs. relying on others for it and it feels great - empowering even. I am so excited for this next year though. I have a feeling many more learning experiences are heading my way and I say, "bring it on".


"My Happy Place"

The video below so properly represents the situation I am in.



I'm not really sad, I'm actually pretty happy. In fact, "heck week" was pish posh for many reasons but one of them being I was laughing too much, and having too much fun that by the time I realized it was time to write the papers or study for the midterms I had just the right amount of time to crank it out and get to class. Probably not the best idea but it worked and I was kept from being my usual cranky, stressed self and I'm a fan of that.


Im still standing...

So heck week... is turning out to be a lot more manageable than I planned. Film Paper is done. King Follett will be done today. Marketing project is worth only 10% of my grade, though I still plan on it being a great project. We have moved meeting for our marketing project to early next week and the HR presentation is slowly putting itself together.

I feel good.

This may or may not have to do with my schoolwork. This might have to do with something else too.

But its far from being a Heck Week.

For your enjoyment - Monday night we had the U5 Ward Halloween Party. It was a combined Activities Committe & FHE Activity so I worked a lot with one of the Activities Co-Chairs and planned this thing in about 5 days, really. We had a snack table (donuts, candy and popcorn), drink corner (soda, cider & tang), pumpkin carving, cookie decorating, a great playlist (which happened to be my blog, i just pulled it up and had it running while setting up and left it but people liked it, so why not). The biggest success was Donuts on a String. I dont know if thats the real name of the game but thats what we called it. We first had our Bishopric race one another, then our Relief Society Presidency, and then a few other rounds.

The first video is Bishop and his counselors racing and this next one is the winners from the first three going against each other. Notice how Ryan inhales the Maple Frosted Donut (he's from Vermont, I think that had something to do with it)


Goal 2 Wrap Up & Heck Week

Goal 2: Fail. Major fail. I went for a run on Tuesday, was far to busy to run on Thursday and passed out after working at joyful on Saturday. Better luck next time.

Heck Week: Not sure what else to call this, but I am glad I had some fun this weekend (Truman, mostly). Tomorrow is the ward Halloween Party - there is FAR too much to do for this still and I am freaking out, just a little. Tuesday I have a Film Paper due and a midterm for Philosophy. Thursday I have a paper on the King Follett Discourse for Philosophy as well. {Saturday is a Cuban Dinner @ STB and they advertise with us at the newspaper so I want to go if I can, and then we have the Halloween Dance at school} Next Sunday, My Elvis Egg product is due for Marketing (while we have dinner at Kellogg's home). The Wednesday after that I have a presentation on the Culture and Systems of Target for Human Resource Management. On the 11th I have a presentation and 4 page paper due for Marketing on Supply Chain Management.

My birthday is the 16th and I think that may just be the first time I get a break.

And now this post sounds a little gloom so here are some things I am looking forward to:

*Mae Concert (? - Just might happen)
*Turning 21 soon!
*Another DC trip is hopefully in the works, I miss my city.
*I survived a busy (but not as busy as this next week) week last week
*but before that Christmas & Snow :-)

Oh, but wait....

In the beginning of the video you can hear a little conversation:

Scott: They're Good.

Me: Yeah.

and a very affirmative, my goodness I'm so excited they just did this YEAH it was. They did it. Truman played Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, and followed it with their song, Will he dance?. Refer to the previous post but I said "Okay secretly, If they play Will he Dance? and their cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, I might be a happy girl all weekend!".

Well we were sitting there after the first two songs and I was talking about... something, when Scott says "They just said they got a request for their next song". Well, he already knew that I had been listening to them all week and e-mailed them about performing Use Somebody, but I figured it was someone else. Then they said something about Kings of Leon and I pulled my camera out quick! After this song ended they played Will he dance? and I turned to Scott and said "Okay, I could leave now."

We didn't and stayed till the end of the show where like a little teeny bopper fan I went up to them and said thanks for playing the song.

TRUMAN: You guys have a new fan. (Right here)



I get to see these brothers tonight at Southern Virginia.
Who is excited?

Not me. No sir. Well, Maybe just a little.
((Okay secretely, If they play "Will he Dance?" and their cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, I might be a happy girl all weekend!))


Goal 2 & Google

<-- This is how I feel trying to complete goal number 2 of running on the days when I do not have Body Attack. I come home after Marketing, I change clothes and I go outside. I stand on the sidewalk for a minute or two thinking first about if I really want to do this? Really? And then I think about where I want to go. Then I realize I have been standing on the sidewalk for 5 minutes and if anyone is watching me from their house... I look just like this woman! So I start to run :-\

<--and Google is celebrating what would be the 93rd Birthday of Dizzy Gillespie, a major figure in the development of bebop and modern jazz.


Week 1 & the completed goal

I decided I needed to tackle one item this week. Classes. The goal was to not miss a single class or time working in the Career Development Center & guess what? It worked! Im so excited. I love setting little goals with short time periods and being able to say if nothing else, I did this.

Next week: Running. Ugh. I do not like running. Especially when I have washed my mp3 player so I will decide today whether or not it is worth it to buy another one and do so (or not, but probably yes). My goal for this next week is to go running on the days I do not have Body Attack. I will be going to Body Attack MWF, Body Flow on WF, and running on TRS ( Saturday - cause Sunday is a day of rest :-] )

Really though, I feel a lot better when I make a point to exercise each day and boy do I fell it when I forget or I am too busy, or just do not want to.

Also - Thursday Night was Bones!
I showed Megan and Nate the beginning of their anniversary blanket (its neon green & sponge bob haha). We also had a yummy treat this week. Apple Dip!!

1/2 c. Marshmallow Fluff
3/4 c. + a drizzle Caramel Sauce (Sundae Topping, the drizzle was me just tipping the jar quick)
1/2 c. Peanut Butter (reduce this to 1/4 if you don't like PB like Megs and I do)

We put all of the above in her small crock pot on low. I stirred it after a few minutes to make sure it was all getting incorporated and then I put it on Warm. After Bones finished we poured it in a bowl and I chopped up a Symphony (Almonds & Toffee) bar and put it on top. Chopped up some Granny Smith Apples and - YUM!

It was sweet so I wont indulge in this every week but it was good.

Megan's brother decided he wanted a shot at being the treat-master for Bones, I passed the "torch" which really was a container of Dutch Processed Cocoa from The Cheese Shop.


List-y McList-ersen

I like lists.
Scratch that.

I LOVE lists. Growing up I remember my Dad writing a To-Do list every morning, and going over it each night, adding to it what he needed to do for the next day. I always thought it was silly and figured I would never do them myself except, I DO! I write lists all the time! And since at the moment, I am in my room, getting ready for bed... and not near a piece of paper I thought I would blog my to-do list for the week, enjoy (or dont, but it will be helpful for me)

*Schedule time to sell ad space for The Paladin in Buena Vista & Lexington

*Draft a letter to local bussinesses requesting they send us (Career Development Center) information when positions become open that they would want students to fill

*Do not think, dream, sketch, buy - ANYTHING to do with my halloween costume until this weekend at the very earliest. Way to easy for me to get sucked in to that thing, it is going to be SO cool.

*Get a general idea of Elvis Egg, what Professor is looking for, how she sees it being presented (MKTG)

*Set up dates to begin research for Marketing - Supply Chain paper


*Finish Workbook for Spanish by Thursday at the very latest

*Bones/The Office - Dessert Night - What am I making?


My " Attitude of Gratitude " List

Last weekend was General Conference. Many topics were addressed but one that stuck with me was President Monson addressing how we must have an "attitude of gratitude". Well this last day and half has certainly been... interesting. I am trying to keep myself positive but all these little things have happened that really are not that bad, but all of them together is just making it a "Wilbur Day" as John called it.

It started when I found my mp3 player in the washing machine last night. Then this morning I was very tired and decided to sleep in because I did not have classes. That caused a bit of a problem but once I was up, I ate some cereal and got ready to go to Spanish to work on my poster due Monday. I go out to my car and the fiance of a girl that lives across the street from me is covering her car in post-it notes (probably for homecoming), I sigh - I am not going to homecoming, nor was I asked (again... right, not an issue, really) but I get in my car and notice the one thing I do have on my car - Bird Poop. Ha - I laughed, out loud. I drive up the hill and turn to park but a maintenance truck is blocking me so I turn around (a 4-6 point turn) and as I turn to go around the back of the school the truck moves... okay. I go to Spanish, work on the poster. I leave and realize that I do not have my debit card with me and I wanted to go get contacts at walmart since I am out. I run home and cannot find the card, so I grab my checkbook. Get to walmart and find out one box for my right eye alone will cost $42.99... I am frustrated. I decided to finish my shopping trip but then really did not feel like shopping and the one thing I really needed, i just didn't see the point in writing a $5 check... (very silly, i understand - I'm just tired at this point). i go home, call John & vent while I get ready for Body Attack, go to attack, come home, eat french toast, shower. And here I am.


Its out. So now, for my "attitude of gratitude" list, which I think may be the only thing to help me right now.

1) I am healthy. There is nothing terribly wrong with me, other than my lack of sight with contacts but...
2) I have glasses. While not as lovely as my contacts, I do have a way to see.
3) My family is healthy & safe. And are getting along fine.
4) My car works. It worked to get me to DC earlier this week and to get me home. It still continues to work.
5) I was able to go to the Temple on Tuesday and perform Ordinances, and take in the view. I love that place.
6) I went up to DC Monday Night, and left Wednesday Morning. It was a much needed break.
7) Kita let me stay on her couch for those nights. It was wonderful. So is she.
8) I was able to see Jana, Rachel, Tristan, Alan, Kita, Julie, Melanie....etc. The people who made my summer in Washington a great experience.
9) Its cool & not raining, therefore my hair is behaving.
10) I just took a hot shower. Some people don't have that luxury, but I enjoyed it.
11) My business law professor did not automatically fail me when the test I e-mailed him turned out to be blank and let me re-send it to him.
12) I watched Bones with Megan, Nate & Brett last night
13) I made homemade brownies with Dutch Cocoa from The Cheese Shop. They at them, they must have been pretty good but then again Nate and Brett will eat anything.
14) Oh Hey, My best friend Tommy is home from his mission like... now. That's crazy, and yes I just remembered that.
15) My Internet is working.
16) I am going to Portugal over Spring Break.
17) While in DC I felt very strongly that that is where I belong after Graduation and so plans are being made.
18) I am not allergic to yet another roommates cat - Maybe I am not allergic anymore?
19) Marlon is in town for the weekend
20) My new place has lots of space and if only I could have brought dear Bekah with me, it would be perfect
21) I have the Gospel in my life. And that my friends, is Fantastic.

I feel better. Do you?


Temple Tuesday

One really great thing about Southern Virginia University is Temple Tuesday. We get a day off, sometimes during homecoming week like it was this year, to go to the Temple in Washington, DC. They organize the whole trip, have charter buses to take students up, and bring lunches. It is a great trip, and I really realized that yesterday.
I drove up Monday night and stayed with my summer roommates (thank you ladies, for letting me be the lump on your couch - it was so very good to see you all again, even if it was briefly). I woke up Tuesday and decided that while I was ten minutes from a Mall instead of the usual hour when I am at school, I went shopping. After getting some warmer clothes (a definite cold front has come in, its FREEZING for early october & i just may have snow on my birthday!!). I went to the temple about noon and met up with Abbie. One of the sister missionaries asked if we wanted to watch the Joseph Smith movie but we only had 40 minutes until our baptistry session so she had us watch The Stonecutter. I had seen it before but I really enjoy the movie, this is only a trailer but it really is great.
It was the most amazing time I have had in the temple, ever. Something about yesterday that I just needed to be there. It also had me feeling really like an example with the younger girls in our ward that were there. Ive really seen that I must do what is right, because there are people watching me.
I left about thirty minutes after we finished, went home and changed and metro'd in to the city to meet up with A. Before that I was just walking around, and falling in love all over again with this city. I sent John a picture of me, my newspaper, on my metro - he said that I have gotten possesive over a city that just a year ago I wouldnt drive in (its true, I made him drive when we got close to the city any time we would come), but I love this place, it is mine.
I finally met up with A and we grabbed some dinner and caught up, walked around Friendship Heights - overall a great time. He left for institute and I went to (pub) trivia. Trivia held in a pub - and it might sound sketch, maybe but dont judge quick. We're a table full of Mormons (specially now that B has joined the church) and we just play, it was a highlight of my summer in DC. I was able to see the whole team incl. Jana & Rachel - Two of my 4 favorite girls from the summer, and thats saying a lot.
I got home late. Woke up an hour ago, watched Glee. Ill go grab breakfast and maybe do a little more shopping so I can wait out rush hour and then I will head back to school.


My Perfect Schedule

I would like to tell you all out in blog-blog land (catch the joke? la-la land... no? okay then) about my perfect college course schedule.

I would be taking classes such as: Personal & Family Finance, Negotiations & Dispute Resolution, Financial Markets & Securities, Contemporary Issues, Strategic Management, and Spanish 4 - Spanish Literature.
Okay, so maybe Spanish Literature would not be in there - more like Introduction to Italian or Portuguese but this schedule is bomb! Why? Because, my dear friends, It is my schedule for next semester. My final semester of my Undergraduate Degree. WHAT!?!*#($(!

Who is excited?

Mallory and I, who have been going to the same school since Kindergarten, are graduating from Southern Virginia University at the end of next semester. Kinda weird but super exciting at the same time.
In other news - I am going to Washington, DC for a little time off. The school actually gives us tomorrow off for a Temple Day so I will be going up tonight to spend time with my roommates from the summer internship and tomorrow I will go do baptisms at the temple. Tomorrow Night = Pub Trivia!! And then I will drive home Wednesday Morning. Maybe when I get back I will pick up blogging again. We'll see. :)


Music Monday

On days when I think I have it rough I head over to Nie Nie and realize I am completely fine and my trials are small, and can be handled with remembering to breathe & prayers, and sometimes I just need some good dark chocolate. Nies story is amazing. She has a video on MormonMessages called My New Life featuring the song below called All about your heart by Mindy Gledhill. This is my favorite video to the song because I would love to be this little girl sometimes. Especially when I get stressed out because of things going on... Id love to just twirl and smile (and yeah, have people think I'm cute haha)

"I dont mind your odd behavior, Its the very thing I love. If you were an ice cream flavor, you would be my favorite one. My imagination sees you like a painting by Van Goh. Starry Nights and Bright Sunflowers follow you where you may go. Oh, Ive loved you from the start, In every single way. And more each passing day. You are brighter than the stars, Believe me when I say - Its not about your scars, Its all about your heart"


I'm Back!

Back to School.

It is that time of year, I suppose. Classes began for us this past Monday and I can already tell I am in for a fun, but busy semester. I am taking 16 credits total along with some extracurriculars and I am hoping to at least begin my Senior Paper by December.

I am taking the following classes: Principles of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Law, Spanish 3, Reason and the Self (Philosophy), and Body Attack. Yeah, they are finally offering Body Attack for credit. Personally, Im pretty excited that I finally get credit for a class like that.

On top of my classes I am back working in the Career Development Center on campus, Director of Operations for Management Society and have been "recruited" to be the Business Manager for the Paladin - again. We will see. I have to make sure classes and CDC are taken care of first.

For now... I am off. There will be more updates to come, Im sure.



That last post was supposed to go on my summer blog, My Summer in Washington, but ended up here... Oh well.


"When the lights go down in the city..."

We have been without power since Sunday afternoon. Really, it has not been that bad for us. For a girl like me who is pretty freaked out by all the glorified dooms-day talk it has not been fun at all to drive down Wisconsin/Rockville without any street lights at 10p.m. but my car functions, My roof has not been smashed in by a tree, and we still have water (whether its cold or not).

Kita posted a link to some photos that PEPCO posted, My inconveinance is nothing like this.

I have great friends in the ward and great coworkers that have offered advice (Mauri made sure to give me the motherly warnings of "Watch how you feel, If you smell something different it could be CO, Dont become overheated", etc.) places to stay (Thanks BadAsh, Ciera, Johnathan) & laughs (Kita, M, Mags & Others)

and just for kicks, I needed to include this....

D.C. Update

Are you checking my summer blog?

Teaser: Due to recent events I have brought Shampoo, Conditioner, A towel, Hair Dryer & Straightener with me to work today....



Lookie Here!

Check THIS out for some exciting news about my summer plans....

Hint: Im completely excited for this.



Tomorrow, Finance is starting an hour early!! Harsh but we have a test and its pretty necessary. Now the first time we met early a few weeks back I suggested doing breakfast fridays... it hasnt happened due to some recent happenings but tomorrow (er... tonight) im making blueberry muffins for class tomorrow! I hope this isnt a bad idea. Making them tonight for tomorrow mornings class... here is what i hope they will look like :-)

This photograph is from THIS BLOG and Jessie, author of THIS POST, seems to love these muffins. Now, bear in mind im a poor college student so I do things on the cheap a.k.a. my muffin mix cost 76cents a pack, all i have to do is add water and the "blueberries" look like little pellets... BUT Im hoping the crumb topping will take them to another level and make "just ad water" muffins a whole lot more yummy!


Ive left my heart... in Washington, DC

I miss this place. Its time for another trip. All those in favor, Say "Aye!"


Happy 73rd!!

To Daddy,

I know you dont read this blog. You probably dont even know I have one, and if you did you dont like computers so you wouldnt be able to read it anyway. Knowing you, you would have mom print off my posts so you could read them in print. Thats just the kind of thing you do and thats cool. Im glad that you havent given in to technology, something that has taken over everyones lives. You still write all of your to-do lists on paper with a pen or pencil, your bank actually knows what you look like and calls you by your first name because you would rather deal with people, you pay bills and chat with the women about their families because you havent let technology take away relationships that you have the chance to form with people. Its cool. Really. Back to the original point of this post though, Happy Birthday. Seventy Three! Im almost positive that every time I tell someone that my dad is that old they say thats how old their grandparents are, its okay, we've heard that since we were kids. Thanks for being my biggest supporter, my biggest fan, and my best friend through the last 20 years. We may have not gotten along this well until high school and we may still have our disagreements but you know when it comes down to it you are by far my favorite person. Happy Birthday!!!



Feel bad wasting time online?

Want to feel better about the time you spend online?

Go Here!

FreeRice donates 10 grains of rice for every question you answer correctly. You can choose different subjects too which I thought was really cool. I usually do Famous Paintings or Spanish which is fun because its helping me study and Im helping someone else.

Now I dont suggest spending all day on FreeRice - though its possible... but think of if you did this for a just a few minutes every other day. It adds up.


Facebook Fast - Round Two

Yeah - Its time this happens again. First time was great! I spent time making headbands, doing homework, going to class! It was wonderful. Friends, Ive found myself having trouble staying off of facebook again. Its not like I dont have other things I could do. I wanted to go running today and I wanted to do some extra reading for my Finance class... among other things and I was on facebook - a lot. Im thinking I will start this sunday. Why am I putting it off? Well a few reasons. I am in the process of finding an internship in Washington, DC BUT I cant afford housing there so I am frantically emailing friends on facebook who I know live in DC or their parents do and while I can call if I need to, this is a much easier way to do it at this stage of the process. Also - The LAX boys have a game saturday and Ill be taking pictures and the fast is a week long... it wouldnt be nice to keep them waiting so long for pictures. We will see though. If I notice it getting any worse, I can and will pull the plug. I wish I had more dedication to things, that I could just stay away from it without having to cut myself off completely for a length of time - I suppose this skill will someday come if I keep working at it. Sigh. :-\



Well, I havent named him/her yet but its my newest baby. My sony vaio has been more than faithful since July 2007 but lately it has been crashing on me (not fully but it would shut down whenever it felt like it and the battery was also completely fried). It was a good time to get a computer since I am home for spring break and I need a functioning computer for school. Hopefully this will motivate me in schoolwork :-)


"Oh, the weather outside is frightful..."

In Southern Virginia we are expected to get snowfall all weekend. The numbers vary and Ive heard everything from 8-36 inches. Thirty Six Inches!! I was 7 last time I saw that much snow in NY. Its kind of been exciting though. The past few days going to walmart to make sure I am all stocked up on food and crafts Ive seen some of the longest lines ever in our lexington walmart, crazy stuff. People are buying food like they are going to be stuck for over a week. Do you people not have backed up food in your house? I was just shopping so I could have some favorites in the house (pasta, fruit, and the necessary ingredients for a few different types of cookies) but I have seen people literally wipe out a walmart store. No eggs. No milk. No bananas. You heard right. Bananas. Since when are they an item so desired? Apparently you cannot make it through a weekend snowed in without bananas. Well the other day I went after work and spent the majority of my time in the crafts section. My dad agreed with my decision to buy lots of crafty stuff to keep myself occupied, He doesnt want me out on the roads (though at the moment they arent too bad). I bought somewhere near 15 yds. (give or take some) of more ribbon for headbands! Also, $25 of fleece to make myself a tie blanket. Yes, I spent $25 on fleece... seems crazy since I could have bought another comforter for that price but hey, I need something to do other than homework or I will go stir crazy for sure.

Well, thats it for now. Im about to go measure and start cutting my fleece for my blanket. No worries, Ill have pictures soon enough.


Dear Katie,

Enjoy blogstalking me at work :-)

Although I stopped blogging about it on Day 4 I did make it through my one week without facebook. The outcome? Positive! I think I might actually try it again in the future just to prove I can do it againg.

Currently: I am working hard at my internship with Professor Parrott, Enjoying classes, and wishing and hoping (and working) to get an internship in Washington, DC this summer.

And as of now, Im going to bed. It was a "girls night" since Nick had a pinnacle event. We ate pizza and watched Julie & Julia ( I think I might have liked it better when I was 15,000 feet in the air watching it over the Atlantic but its still cute, and makes me want to learn how to cook more! )


"Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!"

Have you seen that on youtube yet? Its pretty funny. . . Im almost sad that I missed it on American Idol. Not to worry though, a small boy in walmart gave me a recap of it the other night while I was shopping for fabric. His dad was pushing the car and he was hanging on the back and in the most southern accent that could come out of a child he sang "pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!" Good Stuff.

Day 4 -
I woke up thinking all I had to do before spanish was review vocabulary. . . Wrong! I had an assignment due. . . its not that easy with a memory like mine to forget these assignments but I did get it done in time and made it to class. After class I went to work, back to the cafe! I had a good first day back but had to rush closing because the other closer left early and I had newspaper! Tonight I had a discussion with my advisor on newspaper. I have been pretty frustrated with some things going on in this class and have decided to back off on this position some. I have an opportunity to do an internship for HR (human resources) at the school and its something I feel I should take full advantage of since I know that sales (what I do with newspaper) is not what I want to do when I graduate and HR might be. I was worried about bringing this up thinking that my advisor might be upset but I felt prompted to say that I needed someone to take over parts of it while I stay to simply advise them on the position instead of just saying that I was leaving. This seemed to work out MUCH better than I planned it would and he liked the idea. After newspaper I came home, made dinner (chicken and ravioli - yum!) and now im about to start some homework. Ill probably make a headband before or after homework for relaxation purposes :-)

So far... Day 4 has been great!

Before I go, here is the game we played for FHE last night. Ill call it. . . NUMBERS.
You have one die, one pen, and a piece of paper for everyone playing. This game is fun for a group of 10 or so. The pen sits in the middle of the floor. One person starts by rolling the die - If they roll a 6 they can take the pen and they must start writing down numbers from 1-100 in order. If they dont get a 6 the next person rolls, and this continues until someone rolls a 6. The die is passed from person to person. Whenever someone gets a 6 they must get up and take the pen from the person who has it and begin writing on their paper. Its mayhem! People are hoping to roll 6's, running around the room, trying to grab the pen and get back to their seat to write down numbers before someone else gets a 6. Sounds fun huh?! It is! Ill play this one again.

Im off to do homework. Adios, Blogspot. :-)


Free Oreos?!

Man, did I pick a bad week to stay away from Facebook! Free Oreos?! Oh, if only they said they would pay for the peanut butter that I eat with those sweet delicious bits of heaven. . . Then I might really regret staying off of Facebook but so far. . .
I am actually not doing terribly with this whole thing. Its the end of Day 3, Its been tempting but I have been fulfilling the rest of my little goals or at least working on them. I did a lot of blog searching yesterday for more crafts/coupons. . . Yeah, Im a twenty year old, college student, coupon clipper - you got me!
Im not totally in to it yet, I figure that might come post finding mister perfect but for now, Id like to save some money on things I buy all of the time.
Anyway, as for the rest of the goals - Sunday I made it to Nursery (which we have during sunday school and yes we really do have a Nursery in a University Singles Ward, I get to watch 3 daughters of guys in the bishopric - so much fun!) and to Relief Society but had a Sunday where I couldnt find anything to wear and even though I thought I got up early enough... I didnt so it took me forever and I missed Sacrament. Today, I made it to all of my classes thought I had a slight slip up with one. Managerial Finance - I didnt realize that I had misplaced my calculator and planned on doing the few TVM (Time Value of Money - pretty cool... maybe Ill blog about that one day) functions that were homework this morning... without a calculator its a little more difficult and I was VERY lost in class so I am one little homework assignment behind (though Ill catch up now that I have Mal's calculator) and still going on with the goals!
Also - I have 2 headbands made! One is probably a 1inch thick band and the other a tiny 1/2inch band. The thicker one had this black... leather type covering and the small one was clear and plastic - definitely needed saving. I wrapped the thick one in a gray/silver ribbon and the thin one in a navy ribbon. Both look great! I have to take pictures. The tiny one is my favorite because it is harger to get the ribbon to stay really tight on a thin plastic band so it makes all this texture on it... Im excited to wear this one out.
Okay, folks... Time for bed. Day 4 is ahead of me. One Class. 4.5 Hours of work at the Cafe. 30 minutes of Newspaper. 1 hour Management Society Meeting. Approx. 5 hours of homework... AH!! I promise to find a few minutes to update you on Day 4... Never Fear.
P.S. I realized that my last two posts have me talking about my two roomates and their serious boyfriends... Its really not that bad. They let me play texas hold 'em with them :-) and they are fun to hang with, Id just rather have someone around to break that whole "5th Wheel" feel. I did go to FHE tonight though... and we played a fun game... Ill save that for tomorrows post too!


One Week - Without Facebook

You may not think this is a big deal... but it is. As of Saturday morning, I am going one full week without facebook. This is going to be hard as it is something I spend WAY too much time on. Its fun to check up on friends, and see what people are doing but it has proved to be doing me much less good than I think it is. You see, with John gone and both of my roomates having boyfriends whom they spend their time with I am left. . . with oodles of homework and facebook. Dont get me wrong - I am totally understanding of the fact that I need to make more of an effort to reach out and hang out with other people and make friends... Im trying. I text people, I try to plan movie nights... trips to DC are on hold until my car is totally fixed but I try....

So plans for the week are as follows:

*Volleyball with Taylor on Friday (YAY for Plans!)

*Finish some bracelets and necklaces I have started

*Sewing!! I have had some things that I have wanted to learn how to sew for awhile now, I bought some on sale fabric and this is my first project to tackle

*New Craft - Headbands!

or maybe Ill try to combine Sewing and Headbands

If I need some more ideas, I have plenty of options - Ive been blogSurfing.

I LOVE her idea for a Necklace Organizer, who doesnt need one of these? I might even make a few, a medium sized one for necklaces and two smaller ones for earings and bracelets... maybe a bigger hook for some rings? So many possibilities.

If I get in the mood to scrapbook but dont know where to start, ill Try this

Long story short, Im really excited for this weeks goals of

A- No Facebook

B - 100% Class Attendance

C - 100% Completed Homework

D - HANGING OUT WITH PEOPLE, No more being a hermit huddled doing homework in my house (yes, I tried to get all those "h" words in there on purpose)

E - Being Crafty & Developing/Learning some talents!

Look for pictures on Saturday, Im hoping to have something to show for my week of no facebook.

And here... is a picture of Maljulio (malHulio) and I in DC in November.


Ciao Bella!!

So I have not posted since JULY... Why didnt someone call me up and tell me to get my rear end back on this thing!? I have missed a whole semester of updates.

Well, Fall semester was... interesting. I spent pretty much all of my time (free time and time I should have been doing homework) with John. Yeah. I know. But its not what you think. We really just get along well and both loved the idea of getting lost in DC at least one weekend out of the month. Classes... of course did not go so well. I was very worried come November that I would be failing three classes.... THREE! Not good by any means. I did pull some of it out. I only failed Managerial Finance... but it is a really hard class. I am taking it again now and am finding this semester to be much easier, possibly because my one distraction is now back in Las Vegas as he has graduated. Other than that Fall semester was so much fun. As I said at least one saturday of each month was dedicated towards DC. John would go do a session and I would hang out in the visitors center or on the temple grounds which are beautiful up there and then we would go ride the metro all day, discover new museums (all of them are free except for the Spy museum so we find the free ones ha), and found some great places to eat up there. We truly are fat kids aka we like our good food. We did a lot of that last semester too... a lot of cooking. This is weird because I hate... okay, dislike cooking with other people. I think this comes because I know how I want my peppers cut, how I want my chicken cooked, how I want things set up and Im not a very good teacher so I am the only one who can figure it out though I came to learn how to accept help. He is a very good cook (even made dinner for the fam when we went up after finals).

Yes... I still know how this sounds but I promise... Just Friends. In my last post I commented how he was flying in to NY and after finals he flew out of JFK so we had a few more days in NY. I was home for Christmas but left a few days after to come back to school so I could go to....




Yes, it was as amazing as you might think it was, sorry for rubbing it in but you must know of my excitement and love for the area and hopefully one day you will get to go too! I know of some great little restaurants and gelato shops so just let me know if you do get the chance. Ive decided that if money allows it that whenever I happen to find "him" we are going to Italy on our honeymoon... Im hoping that being with me will be enough for him and he wont care where we go (though really... who is going to protest wanting to go to Italy)

Once I get all of my photos Ill pick and choose a few per day to put up here. It was a wonderful trip. My first time on a plane. First time on a transatlantic flight. First time in a foreign country... for new years too. It was a load of firsts but so much fun. Ive decided I am really a big fan of traveling.

So now I am back in Buena Vista, Virginia. Spring Semester has started and I am very excited for it. So far I have... done homework. Lots of homework. Every night... Im doing homework. Its not that I have a very large amount its just I am enjoying doing it right now - which is super weird for me. Im being very less than social. Part of that problem is the one person I spent so much time with last semester is indeed gone and I feel like I have to go out and meet a bunch of people... It doesnt help that both of my roomates have serious boyfriends and spend most of their time with them leaving me to do... homework. Im sure my advisor with love this though, now that I have all this time to be on top of schoolwork. I havent started back at the cafe yet, still trying to figure out if it will be a good idea and if I should do it with an 18 credit courseload (Managerial Finance, Spanish 2, Classics of Western Literature, Organizational Communication, Principles of Organization and Leadership, Senior Staff Newspaper - Business Manager) and I am still involved in SVU Management Society. I think Ill be able to free up some time considering my event for MS is this thursday and then I just need to assist in others events.

Anyway... this has been long and probably boring for others but I enjoy blogging. My fingers type faster than my hands can write so I know that if I dont get something down in my journal it will most likely be on my blog (except when I forget about the blog since July.... uh!)