I'm not really sad, I'm actually pretty happy. In fact, "heck week" was pish posh for many reasons but one of them being I was laughing too much, and having too much fun that by the time I realized it was time to write the papers or study for the midterms I had just the right amount of time to crank it out and get to class. Probably not the best idea but it worked and I was kept from being my usual cranky, stressed self and I'm a fan of that.


Im still standing...

So heck week... is turning out to be a lot more manageable than I planned. Film Paper is done. King Follett will be done today. Marketing project is worth only 10% of my grade, though I still plan on it being a great project. We have moved meeting for our marketing project to early next week and the HR presentation is slowly putting itself together.

I feel good.

This may or may not have to do with my schoolwork. This might have to do with something else too.

But its far from being a Heck Week.

For your enjoyment - Monday night we had the U5 Ward Halloween Party. It was a combined Activities Committe & FHE Activity so I worked a lot with one of the Activities Co-Chairs and planned this thing in about 5 days, really. We had a snack table (donuts, candy and popcorn), drink corner (soda, cider & tang), pumpkin carving, cookie decorating, a great playlist (which happened to be my blog, i just pulled it up and had it running while setting up and left it but people liked it, so why not). The biggest success was Donuts on a String. I dont know if thats the real name of the game but thats what we called it. We first had our Bishopric race one another, then our Relief Society Presidency, and then a few other rounds.

The first video is Bishop and his counselors racing and this next one is the winners from the first three going against each other. Notice how Ryan inhales the Maple Frosted Donut (he's from Vermont, I think that had something to do with it)


Goal 2 Wrap Up & Heck Week

Goal 2: Fail. Major fail. I went for a run on Tuesday, was far to busy to run on Thursday and passed out after working at joyful on Saturday. Better luck next time.

Heck Week: Not sure what else to call this, but I am glad I had some fun this weekend (Truman, mostly). Tomorrow is the ward Halloween Party - there is FAR too much to do for this still and I am freaking out, just a little. Tuesday I have a Film Paper due and a midterm for Philosophy. Thursday I have a paper on the King Follett Discourse for Philosophy as well. {Saturday is a Cuban Dinner @ STB and they advertise with us at the newspaper so I want to go if I can, and then we have the Halloween Dance at school} Next Sunday, My Elvis Egg product is due for Marketing (while we have dinner at Kellogg's home). The Wednesday after that I have a presentation on the Culture and Systems of Target for Human Resource Management. On the 11th I have a presentation and 4 page paper due for Marketing on Supply Chain Management.

My birthday is the 16th and I think that may just be the first time I get a break.

And now this post sounds a little gloom so here are some things I am looking forward to:

*Mae Concert (? - Just might happen)
*Turning 21 soon!
*Another DC trip is hopefully in the works, I miss my city.
*I survived a busy (but not as busy as this next week) week last week
*but before that Christmas & Snow :-)

Oh, but wait....

In the beginning of the video you can hear a little conversation:

Scott: They're Good.

Me: Yeah.

and a very affirmative, my goodness I'm so excited they just did this YEAH it was. They did it. Truman played Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, and followed it with their song, Will he dance?. Refer to the previous post but I said "Okay secretly, If they play Will he Dance? and their cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, I might be a happy girl all weekend!".

Well we were sitting there after the first two songs and I was talking about... something, when Scott says "They just said they got a request for their next song". Well, he already knew that I had been listening to them all week and e-mailed them about performing Use Somebody, but I figured it was someone else. Then they said something about Kings of Leon and I pulled my camera out quick! After this song ended they played Will he dance? and I turned to Scott and said "Okay, I could leave now."

We didn't and stayed till the end of the show where like a little teeny bopper fan I went up to them and said thanks for playing the song.

TRUMAN: You guys have a new fan. (Right here)



I get to see these brothers tonight at Southern Virginia.
Who is excited?

Not me. No sir. Well, Maybe just a little.
((Okay secretely, If they play "Will he Dance?" and their cover of Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, I might be a happy girl all weekend!))


Goal 2 & Google

<-- This is how I feel trying to complete goal number 2 of running on the days when I do not have Body Attack. I come home after Marketing, I change clothes and I go outside. I stand on the sidewalk for a minute or two thinking first about if I really want to do this? Really? And then I think about where I want to go. Then I realize I have been standing on the sidewalk for 5 minutes and if anyone is watching me from their house... I look just like this woman! So I start to run :-\

<--and Google is celebrating what would be the 93rd Birthday of Dizzy Gillespie, a major figure in the development of bebop and modern jazz.


Week 1 & the completed goal

I decided I needed to tackle one item this week. Classes. The goal was to not miss a single class or time working in the Career Development Center & guess what? It worked! Im so excited. I love setting little goals with short time periods and being able to say if nothing else, I did this.

Next week: Running. Ugh. I do not like running. Especially when I have washed my mp3 player so I will decide today whether or not it is worth it to buy another one and do so (or not, but probably yes). My goal for this next week is to go running on the days I do not have Body Attack. I will be going to Body Attack MWF, Body Flow on WF, and running on TRS ( Saturday - cause Sunday is a day of rest :-] )

Really though, I feel a lot better when I make a point to exercise each day and boy do I fell it when I forget or I am too busy, or just do not want to.

Also - Thursday Night was Bones!
I showed Megan and Nate the beginning of their anniversary blanket (its neon green & sponge bob haha). We also had a yummy treat this week. Apple Dip!!

1/2 c. Marshmallow Fluff
3/4 c. + a drizzle Caramel Sauce (Sundae Topping, the drizzle was me just tipping the jar quick)
1/2 c. Peanut Butter (reduce this to 1/4 if you don't like PB like Megs and I do)

We put all of the above in her small crock pot on low. I stirred it after a few minutes to make sure it was all getting incorporated and then I put it on Warm. After Bones finished we poured it in a bowl and I chopped up a Symphony (Almonds & Toffee) bar and put it on top. Chopped up some Granny Smith Apples and - YUM!

It was sweet so I wont indulge in this every week but it was good.

Megan's brother decided he wanted a shot at being the treat-master for Bones, I passed the "torch" which really was a container of Dutch Processed Cocoa from The Cheese Shop.


List-y McList-ersen

I like lists.
Scratch that.

I LOVE lists. Growing up I remember my Dad writing a To-Do list every morning, and going over it each night, adding to it what he needed to do for the next day. I always thought it was silly and figured I would never do them myself except, I DO! I write lists all the time! And since at the moment, I am in my room, getting ready for bed... and not near a piece of paper I thought I would blog my to-do list for the week, enjoy (or dont, but it will be helpful for me)

*Schedule time to sell ad space for The Paladin in Buena Vista & Lexington

*Draft a letter to local bussinesses requesting they send us (Career Development Center) information when positions become open that they would want students to fill

*Do not think, dream, sketch, buy - ANYTHING to do with my halloween costume until this weekend at the very earliest. Way to easy for me to get sucked in to that thing, it is going to be SO cool.

*Get a general idea of Elvis Egg, what Professor is looking for, how she sees it being presented (MKTG)

*Set up dates to begin research for Marketing - Supply Chain paper


*Finish Workbook for Spanish by Thursday at the very latest

*Bones/The Office - Dessert Night - What am I making?


My " Attitude of Gratitude " List

Last weekend was General Conference. Many topics were addressed but one that stuck with me was President Monson addressing how we must have an "attitude of gratitude". Well this last day and half has certainly been... interesting. I am trying to keep myself positive but all these little things have happened that really are not that bad, but all of them together is just making it a "Wilbur Day" as John called it.

It started when I found my mp3 player in the washing machine last night. Then this morning I was very tired and decided to sleep in because I did not have classes. That caused a bit of a problem but once I was up, I ate some cereal and got ready to go to Spanish to work on my poster due Monday. I go out to my car and the fiance of a girl that lives across the street from me is covering her car in post-it notes (probably for homecoming), I sigh - I am not going to homecoming, nor was I asked (again... right, not an issue, really) but I get in my car and notice the one thing I do have on my car - Bird Poop. Ha - I laughed, out loud. I drive up the hill and turn to park but a maintenance truck is blocking me so I turn around (a 4-6 point turn) and as I turn to go around the back of the school the truck moves... okay. I go to Spanish, work on the poster. I leave and realize that I do not have my debit card with me and I wanted to go get contacts at walmart since I am out. I run home and cannot find the card, so I grab my checkbook. Get to walmart and find out one box for my right eye alone will cost $42.99... I am frustrated. I decided to finish my shopping trip but then really did not feel like shopping and the one thing I really needed, i just didn't see the point in writing a $5 check... (very silly, i understand - I'm just tired at this point). i go home, call John & vent while I get ready for Body Attack, go to attack, come home, eat french toast, shower. And here I am.


Its out. So now, for my "attitude of gratitude" list, which I think may be the only thing to help me right now.

1) I am healthy. There is nothing terribly wrong with me, other than my lack of sight with contacts but...
2) I have glasses. While not as lovely as my contacts, I do have a way to see.
3) My family is healthy & safe. And are getting along fine.
4) My car works. It worked to get me to DC earlier this week and to get me home. It still continues to work.
5) I was able to go to the Temple on Tuesday and perform Ordinances, and take in the view. I love that place.
6) I went up to DC Monday Night, and left Wednesday Morning. It was a much needed break.
7) Kita let me stay on her couch for those nights. It was wonderful. So is she.
8) I was able to see Jana, Rachel, Tristan, Alan, Kita, Julie, Melanie....etc. The people who made my summer in Washington a great experience.
9) Its cool & not raining, therefore my hair is behaving.
10) I just took a hot shower. Some people don't have that luxury, but I enjoyed it.
11) My business law professor did not automatically fail me when the test I e-mailed him turned out to be blank and let me re-send it to him.
12) I watched Bones with Megan, Nate & Brett last night
13) I made homemade brownies with Dutch Cocoa from The Cheese Shop. They at them, they must have been pretty good but then again Nate and Brett will eat anything.
14) Oh Hey, My best friend Tommy is home from his mission like... now. That's crazy, and yes I just remembered that.
15) My Internet is working.
16) I am going to Portugal over Spring Break.
17) While in DC I felt very strongly that that is where I belong after Graduation and so plans are being made.
18) I am not allergic to yet another roommates cat - Maybe I am not allergic anymore?
19) Marlon is in town for the weekend
20) My new place has lots of space and if only I could have brought dear Bekah with me, it would be perfect
21) I have the Gospel in my life. And that my friends, is Fantastic.

I feel better. Do you?


Temple Tuesday

One really great thing about Southern Virginia University is Temple Tuesday. We get a day off, sometimes during homecoming week like it was this year, to go to the Temple in Washington, DC. They organize the whole trip, have charter buses to take students up, and bring lunches. It is a great trip, and I really realized that yesterday.
I drove up Monday night and stayed with my summer roommates (thank you ladies, for letting me be the lump on your couch - it was so very good to see you all again, even if it was briefly). I woke up Tuesday and decided that while I was ten minutes from a Mall instead of the usual hour when I am at school, I went shopping. After getting some warmer clothes (a definite cold front has come in, its FREEZING for early october & i just may have snow on my birthday!!). I went to the temple about noon and met up with Abbie. One of the sister missionaries asked if we wanted to watch the Joseph Smith movie but we only had 40 minutes until our baptistry session so she had us watch The Stonecutter. I had seen it before but I really enjoy the movie, this is only a trailer but it really is great.
It was the most amazing time I have had in the temple, ever. Something about yesterday that I just needed to be there. It also had me feeling really like an example with the younger girls in our ward that were there. Ive really seen that I must do what is right, because there are people watching me.
I left about thirty minutes after we finished, went home and changed and metro'd in to the city to meet up with A. Before that I was just walking around, and falling in love all over again with this city. I sent John a picture of me, my newspaper, on my metro - he said that I have gotten possesive over a city that just a year ago I wouldnt drive in (its true, I made him drive when we got close to the city any time we would come), but I love this place, it is mine.
I finally met up with A and we grabbed some dinner and caught up, walked around Friendship Heights - overall a great time. He left for institute and I went to (pub) trivia. Trivia held in a pub - and it might sound sketch, maybe but dont judge quick. We're a table full of Mormons (specially now that B has joined the church) and we just play, it was a highlight of my summer in DC. I was able to see the whole team incl. Jana & Rachel - Two of my 4 favorite girls from the summer, and thats saying a lot.
I got home late. Woke up an hour ago, watched Glee. Ill go grab breakfast and maybe do a little more shopping so I can wait out rush hour and then I will head back to school.


My Perfect Schedule

I would like to tell you all out in blog-blog land (catch the joke? la-la land... no? okay then) about my perfect college course schedule.

I would be taking classes such as: Personal & Family Finance, Negotiations & Dispute Resolution, Financial Markets & Securities, Contemporary Issues, Strategic Management, and Spanish 4 - Spanish Literature.
Okay, so maybe Spanish Literature would not be in there - more like Introduction to Italian or Portuguese but this schedule is bomb! Why? Because, my dear friends, It is my schedule for next semester. My final semester of my Undergraduate Degree. WHAT!?!*#($(!

Who is excited?

Mallory and I, who have been going to the same school since Kindergarten, are graduating from Southern Virginia University at the end of next semester. Kinda weird but super exciting at the same time.
In other news - I am going to Washington, DC for a little time off. The school actually gives us tomorrow off for a Temple Day so I will be going up tonight to spend time with my roommates from the summer internship and tomorrow I will go do baptisms at the temple. Tomorrow Night = Pub Trivia!! And then I will drive home Wednesday Morning. Maybe when I get back I will pick up blogging again. We'll see. :)