My Life To-Do List

So this was a "25 before 25" list until I realized I want to do more things before I turn 25, and maybe some of these won't be accomplised in the next 3.4 years so I have added on and will continue to add on to this list.

And, if you have ideas of fun things I can do (especially ones in Provo!) leave me a comment on this page...

1. Stop drinking soda
2. Create and stick to a budget
3. Sell a painting
4. Read the Book of Mormon in 1 month
5. Sing in front of a crowd
6. Learn to speak fluent Spanish
7. Cut my bangs, straight across
8. Learn to read music, again
9. Show that I've learned by learning piano
10. And then pick up flute again
11. Give everyone in my family a homemade present for one Christmas
12. Stop biting my nails
13. Learn how to drive stick
14. Keep a camera, alive & working, for over a year
15. Bear my testimony (without my Bishop call me up to do it)
16. Make a lasagna from scratch -
17. Donate a prom dress
18. Compile recipes from Ma, Sissy, and Grandma and keep them on an external drive for whoever wants them
19. Participate in a race for a cause
20. Double the number of temples that I have been to (Current count = 10, Manhattan, Boston, DC, Provo, Las Vegas, Draper, Jordan, Oquirrh, Salt Lake City, Mt Timpanogos) (10/20)
21. Pay off both credit cards, in full
22. Do a sugar fast for 6 months
23. Go camping in the Utah desert
24. Be in a wedding (heck, if it's not mine one of my besties is bound to get married before I turn 25)
25. Have 25 followers on my blog
26.Crash a BYU Dance
27. Take a cooking class

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