Time to Catch Up

So I have not written on my blogspot in a hecka long time, time for a little life re-cap. Brayden and I have broken up...enough about that ha. Classes are going well and ending soon. Homework, work at the Student Union, work at Joyful Spirit and my internship at the Paladin keep me very busy. I have one week of classes left, and then finals and then... MORE SCHOOL!

I am staying for 2 summer terms: May and June. In May I will be taking a class called America and The Enlightenment taught by Professor Knight (who Ive heard is very good, Im excited for that!) and in June I will be taking Jogging. These are two GE's that will be helpful to get out of the way. Next fall I have a super busy schedule, Im so excited for that though because I love being busy. I will be taking Managerial Finance, Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Organization and Leadership, Volleyball, Astronomy, Newspaper and Teachings of the Living Prophets. This is a total of 17 credits if insitute will transfer again because it is a class I have previously taken, but the curriculum changes every semester based on General Conference. I will be continuing my position with The Paladin but it will not be an internship. Now that I know the ropes, I think it will be a lot more fun next semester. Im excited to continue using all the things that I have learned this semester and all the forms I made - it really feels like mine now.

I almost forgot the most exciting news - I have a house to live in for the summer and next year. It belongs to this guy who used to live here in Buena Vista. The girl I will be living with knows him and was able to get us the house for $300/month. Im really happy that I found somewhere to live off campus and that I can decorate and not have to have room checks and all that jazz.