"Oh, the weather outside is frightful..."

In Southern Virginia we are expected to get snowfall all weekend. The numbers vary and Ive heard everything from 8-36 inches. Thirty Six Inches!! I was 7 last time I saw that much snow in NY. Its kind of been exciting though. The past few days going to walmart to make sure I am all stocked up on food and crafts Ive seen some of the longest lines ever in our lexington walmart, crazy stuff. People are buying food like they are going to be stuck for over a week. Do you people not have backed up food in your house? I was just shopping so I could have some favorites in the house (pasta, fruit, and the necessary ingredients for a few different types of cookies) but I have seen people literally wipe out a walmart store. No eggs. No milk. No bananas. You heard right. Bananas. Since when are they an item so desired? Apparently you cannot make it through a weekend snowed in without bananas. Well the other day I went after work and spent the majority of my time in the crafts section. My dad agreed with my decision to buy lots of crafty stuff to keep myself occupied, He doesnt want me out on the roads (though at the moment they arent too bad). I bought somewhere near 15 yds. (give or take some) of more ribbon for headbands! Also, $25 of fleece to make myself a tie blanket. Yes, I spent $25 on fleece... seems crazy since I could have bought another comforter for that price but hey, I need something to do other than homework or I will go stir crazy for sure.

Well, thats it for now. Im about to go measure and start cutting my fleece for my blanket. No worries, Ill have pictures soon enough.

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