I'm Back!

Back to School.

It is that time of year, I suppose. Classes began for us this past Monday and I can already tell I am in for a fun, but busy semester. I am taking 16 credits total along with some extracurriculars and I am hoping to at least begin my Senior Paper by December.

I am taking the following classes: Principles of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Business Law, Spanish 3, Reason and the Self (Philosophy), and Body Attack. Yeah, they are finally offering Body Attack for credit. Personally, Im pretty excited that I finally get credit for a class like that.

On top of my classes I am back working in the Career Development Center on campus, Director of Operations for Management Society and have been "recruited" to be the Business Manager for the Paladin - again. We will see. I have to make sure classes and CDC are taken care of first.

For now... I am off. There will be more updates to come, Im sure.

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