One Week - Without Facebook

You may not think this is a big deal... but it is. As of Saturday morning, I am going one full week without facebook. This is going to be hard as it is something I spend WAY too much time on. Its fun to check up on friends, and see what people are doing but it has proved to be doing me much less good than I think it is. You see, with John gone and both of my roomates having boyfriends whom they spend their time with I am left. . . with oodles of homework and facebook. Dont get me wrong - I am totally understanding of the fact that I need to make more of an effort to reach out and hang out with other people and make friends... Im trying. I text people, I try to plan movie nights... trips to DC are on hold until my car is totally fixed but I try....

So plans for the week are as follows:

*Volleyball with Taylor on Friday (YAY for Plans!)

*Finish some bracelets and necklaces I have started

*Sewing!! I have had some things that I have wanted to learn how to sew for awhile now, I bought some on sale fabric and this is my first project to tackle

*New Craft - Headbands!

or maybe Ill try to combine Sewing and Headbands

If I need some more ideas, I have plenty of options - Ive been blogSurfing.

I LOVE her idea for a Necklace Organizer, who doesnt need one of these? I might even make a few, a medium sized one for necklaces and two smaller ones for earings and bracelets... maybe a bigger hook for some rings? So many possibilities.

If I get in the mood to scrapbook but dont know where to start, ill Try this

Long story short, Im really excited for this weeks goals of

A- No Facebook

B - 100% Class Attendance

C - 100% Completed Homework

D - HANGING OUT WITH PEOPLE, No more being a hermit huddled doing homework in my house (yes, I tried to get all those "h" words in there on purpose)

E - Being Crafty & Developing/Learning some talents!

Look for pictures on Saturday, Im hoping to have something to show for my week of no facebook.

And here... is a picture of Maljulio (malHulio) and I in DC in November.

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