Free Oreos?!

Man, did I pick a bad week to stay away from Facebook! Free Oreos?! Oh, if only they said they would pay for the peanut butter that I eat with those sweet delicious bits of heaven. . . Then I might really regret staying off of Facebook but so far. . .
I am actually not doing terribly with this whole thing. Its the end of Day 3, Its been tempting but I have been fulfilling the rest of my little goals or at least working on them. I did a lot of blog searching yesterday for more crafts/coupons. . . Yeah, Im a twenty year old, college student, coupon clipper - you got me!
Im not totally in to it yet, I figure that might come post finding mister perfect but for now, Id like to save some money on things I buy all of the time.
Anyway, as for the rest of the goals - Sunday I made it to Nursery (which we have during sunday school and yes we really do have a Nursery in a University Singles Ward, I get to watch 3 daughters of guys in the bishopric - so much fun!) and to Relief Society but had a Sunday where I couldnt find anything to wear and even though I thought I got up early enough... I didnt so it took me forever and I missed Sacrament. Today, I made it to all of my classes thought I had a slight slip up with one. Managerial Finance - I didnt realize that I had misplaced my calculator and planned on doing the few TVM (Time Value of Money - pretty cool... maybe Ill blog about that one day) functions that were homework this morning... without a calculator its a little more difficult and I was VERY lost in class so I am one little homework assignment behind (though Ill catch up now that I have Mal's calculator) and still going on with the goals!
Also - I have 2 headbands made! One is probably a 1inch thick band and the other a tiny 1/2inch band. The thicker one had this black... leather type covering and the small one was clear and plastic - definitely needed saving. I wrapped the thick one in a gray/silver ribbon and the thin one in a navy ribbon. Both look great! I have to take pictures. The tiny one is my favorite because it is harger to get the ribbon to stay really tight on a thin plastic band so it makes all this texture on it... Im excited to wear this one out.
Okay, folks... Time for bed. Day 4 is ahead of me. One Class. 4.5 Hours of work at the Cafe. 30 minutes of Newspaper. 1 hour Management Society Meeting. Approx. 5 hours of homework... AH!! I promise to find a few minutes to update you on Day 4... Never Fear.
P.S. I realized that my last two posts have me talking about my two roomates and their serious boyfriends... Its really not that bad. They let me play texas hold 'em with them :-) and they are fun to hang with, Id just rather have someone around to break that whole "5th Wheel" feel. I did go to FHE tonight though... and we played a fun game... Ill save that for tomorrows post too!

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