"Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!"

Have you seen that on youtube yet? Its pretty funny. . . Im almost sad that I missed it on American Idol. Not to worry though, a small boy in walmart gave me a recap of it the other night while I was shopping for fabric. His dad was pushing the car and he was hanging on the back and in the most southern accent that could come out of a child he sang "pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!" Good Stuff.

Day 4 -
I woke up thinking all I had to do before spanish was review vocabulary. . . Wrong! I had an assignment due. . . its not that easy with a memory like mine to forget these assignments but I did get it done in time and made it to class. After class I went to work, back to the cafe! I had a good first day back but had to rush closing because the other closer left early and I had newspaper! Tonight I had a discussion with my advisor on newspaper. I have been pretty frustrated with some things going on in this class and have decided to back off on this position some. I have an opportunity to do an internship for HR (human resources) at the school and its something I feel I should take full advantage of since I know that sales (what I do with newspaper) is not what I want to do when I graduate and HR might be. I was worried about bringing this up thinking that my advisor might be upset but I felt prompted to say that I needed someone to take over parts of it while I stay to simply advise them on the position instead of just saying that I was leaving. This seemed to work out MUCH better than I planned it would and he liked the idea. After newspaper I came home, made dinner (chicken and ravioli - yum!) and now im about to start some homework. Ill probably make a headband before or after homework for relaxation purposes :-)

So far... Day 4 has been great!

Before I go, here is the game we played for FHE last night. Ill call it. . . NUMBERS.
You have one die, one pen, and a piece of paper for everyone playing. This game is fun for a group of 10 or so. The pen sits in the middle of the floor. One person starts by rolling the die - If they roll a 6 they can take the pen and they must start writing down numbers from 1-100 in order. If they dont get a 6 the next person rolls, and this continues until someone rolls a 6. The die is passed from person to person. Whenever someone gets a 6 they must get up and take the pen from the person who has it and begin writing on their paper. Its mayhem! People are hoping to roll 6's, running around the room, trying to grab the pen and get back to their seat to write down numbers before someone else gets a 6. Sounds fun huh?! It is! Ill play this one again.

Im off to do homework. Adios, Blogspot. :-)

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