Facebook Fast - Round Two

Yeah - Its time this happens again. First time was great! I spent time making headbands, doing homework, going to class! It was wonderful. Friends, Ive found myself having trouble staying off of facebook again. Its not like I dont have other things I could do. I wanted to go running today and I wanted to do some extra reading for my Finance class... among other things and I was on facebook - a lot. Im thinking I will start this sunday. Why am I putting it off? Well a few reasons. I am in the process of finding an internship in Washington, DC BUT I cant afford housing there so I am frantically emailing friends on facebook who I know live in DC or their parents do and while I can call if I need to, this is a much easier way to do it at this stage of the process. Also - The LAX boys have a game saturday and Ill be taking pictures and the fast is a week long... it wouldnt be nice to keep them waiting so long for pictures. We will see though. If I notice it getting any worse, I can and will pull the plug. I wish I had more dedication to things, that I could just stay away from it without having to cut myself off completely for a length of time - I suppose this skill will someday come if I keep working at it. Sigh. :-\

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