Tomorrow, Finance is starting an hour early!! Harsh but we have a test and its pretty necessary. Now the first time we met early a few weeks back I suggested doing breakfast fridays... it hasnt happened due to some recent happenings but tomorrow (er... tonight) im making blueberry muffins for class tomorrow! I hope this isnt a bad idea. Making them tonight for tomorrow mornings class... here is what i hope they will look like :-)

This photograph is from THIS BLOG and Jessie, author of THIS POST, seems to love these muffins. Now, bear in mind im a poor college student so I do things on the cheap a.k.a. my muffin mix cost 76cents a pack, all i have to do is add water and the "blueberries" look like little pellets... BUT Im hoping the crumb topping will take them to another level and make "just ad water" muffins a whole lot more yummy!

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