A Lesson in Patience

Before you roll your eyes or think, well that's a trivial trial, realize that to me its important.

I am now willingly enduring an extended stay in New York until Monday morning until about 10:00am. Tuesday night after having a great evening with Sam, Mallory, Boomer, Brandon & Tommy (on the phone, but it counts) I was pulled over on the way home. The cop was looking for any reason to give me a ticket, I can honestly say that. He asked Mallory to roll down her window, while mine was also down, and said I had a tail light that was out. He asked where we were going, where I was from, what my name was (first & last - while he had my license), etc. We could not find my registration so he looked on the windshield and discovered my inspection expired Sept 2010. (For this little part, I am grateful. I needed to get an inspection and really didn't look at the sticker thinking Dad would remind me. Its better it was caught while I was home and not in Virginia) He gave me two tickets - one for the light (which was really flickering, not totally out) and the inspection. Dad and I went to fix the inspection today but for some reason our mechanic was out of the stickers and said the mechanics he knew of in the area were all also out of the stickers for some reason. He said he could do it first thing Monday morning.

I was upset. Frustrated. Just, ready to leave. Like I said previously, I love home & the people here but I am so ready to get back to my home, and my life. My busy, crazy, get to hang out with the boyfriend & his family, 17 credits, senior status, senior paper, three jobs life! I want it back. Tears were involved, out of pure frustration. Not to mention date night has now been postponed. Scott and I were planning on date night & exchange of Christmas presents Saturday. Now that's pushed to Monday and depending on his work schedule next week we may or may not be able to go to DC before classes start like I so want to do (just think Baked & Wired, Teaism, Georgetown, Monuments & the Temple @ night, riding the metro - makes me giddy thinking I get to show Scott around my city. Yup, its mine)

I have decided that this is an obvious lesson in patience. Apparently I need another two days here... for something. I'll figure it out. So while I am frustrated and honestly ready to get back to Virginia, I'll figure out a way to find joy in my extra two days in New York.

For the record - This is the longest amount of time I have been in New York since the summer after freshman year. Spring Break, Christmas Break & Thanksgiving Break are all short trips and the summers were spent in DC & BV. When I did come home over sophomore years summer it was for one week in rhode island and one week at home. This break has been two straight weeks at my parents. Its time for Virginia.

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