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Dear Readers,
This is not an announcement, but a venting session. Let me preempt this by saying that this post is not meant to be directed at any one person. I do not know details for all of the situations I am referring to in this post but I do know how they make me feel. I do not mean for this to be a self-centered rant but rather a thought provoking ...discussion, if you'll comment. Get ready, I am getting on the soap box.
Is an engagement the latest fad?
Sounds rather ridiculous to call an engagement a fad but darlin' it seems like this is what we are coming to. I can use both hands to count how many couples, whom I personally know, who have called off their engagement in the last year or so. The reasons vary: They did not know each other well enough, things were going too fast, etc. These reasons are valid and I will commend these couples for realizing a fault and stopping things before they went through with a Temple sealing, beginning what might have been a very rocky relationship. When two people are in a relationship some may say that they have the "goggles" on, They see much good in the person they are with but are so infatuated that they fail to see any flaws, or issues that may make it more difficult for a successful marriage. Side note: Marriage is work. I understand this. I do not expect to marry someone that I am so in tune with that we will not have problems, however, I would hope that we are both close to the Lord to know that with one another we would be able to make a marriage work.
That being said, lets say that you do have these "goggles" on. Might I suggest that you take them off before you say "Yes". It seems these days that couples take an engagement to mean a further trial run of their relationship before a marriage. Sorry, I disagree. It is situations like these that seem to take the magic out of an engagement. Call me a hopeless romantic but I am so excited for that stage in my life, whenever it comes. I just don't see myself going back on something like that.

Thoughts? Is this happening elsewhere? Or is this a Southern Mormon thing?

Stepping Off the Soap Box

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