2 down, 3 to go :-)

So here is the countdown.

Finals - 2 down
3 to go

I took my Introduction to Drawing Final this morning and handed in my final for Health & Wellness. Both were fairly painless but I guess the pain will hit later on this week. On wednesday I have my College Algebra final, Thursday is Principles of Macroeconomics, and friday is Introduction to Financial Accounting (*and leaving for home!*). Ill be honest, Macro has been terrible all semester so this is just the final cap to it all, but I have a feeling Algebra is going to be a little challenge. I am really excited though because as they get done, I get closer to being able to going home. I am working on getting packed and will hopefully be moving tomorrow into my new dorm. Its amazing what happens when you say you will be moving. All of a sudden all of these RM's (return missionaries) come out of the woodworks and offer to help (because lets be honest, they did a lot of moving on their missions for older couples or families so the chance to help a young lady hah they jump lol). Okay, well I am going to get back to packing so hopefully I can take advantage of all the help Ill have tomorrow :-)

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