Friday Happenings and Life at Home

Before I forget I really have to talk about the night before Mallory and I left. We were both very ready to get out of buena vista and the spring like climate - we wanted it to feel like december! I think we were both just a mix of excited for coming home, relieved that finals were over and we just wanted to kinda do whatever ha. So after I was checked into my new dorm in the lofts, we went to go visit our friend Bryce's Dad (Bryce was a friend of ours from last year. He was the assistant coach for the girls soccer team at SVU, and he was an RM that was just working and living with his mom and dad in BV. We spent a lot of down time at his house last year and got to know his parents really well. One day early this semester bryce texted me and was like oh my mom is in alaska. This was a complete shock to me and mallory because we had wanted to go visit his parents sometime but Sherry, his mom, was already gone. We saw his dad as we were moving me into the lofts and he wanted us to come down and say hi... ha sorry, long story!) and played with the girls, Sascha and Hannah, which are their dogs haha and had some cake. Then we went back up to the lofts so Mallory could get checked out for the break. We then decided to shower before bed so we could just get up and go in the morning. Well after being online for awhile (and showing her my blog) somehow we decided to splurge just a little and order pizza. The pizza that we get never adds up for a delivery charge and we needed something to drink so we got a soda...and cinnastix (we ordered from Domino's). They have an online pizza tracker that I have tried to use but it never works, however I really wanted to try and see if it would this time. Lucky us, it worked! It was cool because it told you who was making your pizza, and putting it in the oven and when the delivery person left the store. We pigged out and it was great. I figured since I am doing body attack I cant really do that too much next semester so it was my last hurrah! I swear pizza does something to us because after we put on music and mallory started dancing to "single ladies" by Beyonce. It was really funny and for anyone who knows me and mallory... we make a lot of music videos so of course mals dancing led to music videos! Hopefully Ill be able to post some of them soon.

Its a little bittersweet to be home. About halfway through my drive I realized how much Im going to miss my "home" down in virginia, my friends, my jobs, field hockey (cant really play in feet of snow) and even all the little stresses I deal with and even though it all drives me crazy at least I call them mine. Well, it will be at least 3 weeks before I get back to that life so until then I have a lot to do while I am back in NY. I have a zillion dentist appointments, dang teeth!, and I have to continue working out on a daily basis as much as I can in the snow (which means using that treadmill, yay!) so when I get back I can handle Body Attack training, hah! Its going to be tough but I am so excited for it all. I also have an internship when I get back to school for the newspaper, the Paladin, as the business manager. Its a really exciting opportunity that I will have to juggle with classes, Body Attack, working at the Student Union and helping out with Management Society. It will be a very crazy semester but I have found that I am much happier, and more efficient when I am really busy. I think that was part of my problem this past semester. I had classes and field hockey but I had a lot of free time because I did not work too much and I got bored and would just put everything off. A busy schedule for some reason tends to make me deal with everything better. Hows that for irony?


  1. Gina - You have a blog! Your background is beautiful. I might have to steal some ideas from it! Hugo misses you and dancing the night away tons! Hope to see you soon - Sis B

  2. Wow, just saw this :) Yes! I have a blog!! Its much more fun than I thought it would be. How is Hugo and the girls? They are so beautiful! Ill be home for Christmas break so I will hopefully get to see you then :)