Lame-Wad, I know

Okay so I am pretty sure that no one, and I mean no one, reads this so I guess no one really thinks I'm lame about not blogging but... me :-) Oh well. It has been a whole week! So much has happened. I've had a lot of dental work done (only one more appointment left), I've done SO much christmas shopping (and everyone loved their presents), I got presents (external hard drive, new sneakers for body attack, a vera bradley bag!!!.... I obviously liked mine) and I have one week left until I go back to school. This vacation went by very quickly, and luckily I have had time to spend with my dad, my nieces and nephews and friends back home. It was nice and I originally couldnt wait to get back to school but now... kinda dreading it. I have classes {Jogging, Microeconomics, Oil Painting, Statistics, Newspaper Staff, Information Technology}, An Internship :-) {with the school newspaper, the Paladin, as their Business Manager}, training for Body Attack {we have a two day training workshop, 9hrs each day!}, and Field Hockey. Am I wanting a death sentence? Apparently. Because I also work at the Student Union and have an institute class. According to my bishop though {and I agree} if I can take an institute class and put the Lord first, all other things will fall into place {I just hope I havent overloaded myself and still expect things to fall into place}

In order to make myself feel better about my schedule, I think Ill just break it down here. Classes are from 8-1:30 (that is the earliest class to the latest, not including newspaper, in general. Tuesdays and Thursdays I end earlier) Body Attack teaching does not start until the first week of February and classes are MWF 4-5 and TR 12-1 (which works perfectly with my schedule so I will have plenty of time to teach and it only takes an hour out of my day). Newspaper is 5-6 on T&R plus additional time on weekends to make them some money$$. Institute fits into my block of classes. Student Union I can opt to work the late shift (6:30-12 or 1 on fridays). Field Hockey looks like it will be earlier in the morning so we can get practice time on the nice fields the school just finished. SEE! It works :-)

Okay, now that I have made myself feel better about this, I think I'll go.... clean, or read a book, or maybe do some body attack (obsessed, i know)

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