Am I really that obvious?

I told my Grandma a month back that I needed to stop buying kitchen things for myself because if I didnt, I would have nothing left to put on my wedding registry (whenever that happens, no this is not a hint). Think I am kidding? Let us list what I have. 7qt Crock Pot, Paring Knives & Santoku knives, A set of dishes from mom, Baking Stone, French Rolling Pin, Cake plates & platters, Oxo Spatulas (BEST PANCAKE SPATULA EVER), Other spoons & cooking utensils, Cutting Board, Various baking dishes (square, round, big, small, etc.)

Basically - I have a lot.

But what did I get for my birthday?

From my sister:
A Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Utility Knife (red one)
Two - Island Bamboo Spatulas (colors are wrong. the bright red one is actually a darker red like the knife and the green one is the bright red color)

I did not know that these gifts were on their way when I called Grandma to tell her about the present Scott got for me. While on the phone with her I said I needed to stop buying kitchen stuff and she laughed. I get it now.

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  1. Well at least now you can check those things off the registry and put nice linens and other good stuff on the list :) haha. Glad you had a good birthday!