This post brought to you by the Creepy Radio Shack Employee

I havent been able to find my cord for my camera and therefore have not uploaded photos since Halloween!! I was doing some shopping today and decided I needed to fix it and went to Radio Shack to see if they had a card reader. The guy handed one to me and then proceeded to mess up the check out process so bad, it took two employees and at least fifteen minutes to get me out of there. He kept asking me about school, where I was from, what my Thanksgiving plans were - I pulled the old CTR Ring Switch, moving it from my right to my left hand, and trying desperately to be overly obvious about the little band on my left ring finger. Yes, I really do that sometimes. Yes, it works.

BUT - Because of him I now have photos!! And I want to show them to you :-)

Halloween @ SVU - Senior Year :)

I need to boast just a tad. Mal and I have had some sweet costumes over the years. Freshman year we were two of five "Skittles" - purple (me) and green (mal). Sophomore year she was Ghetto Barbie while I was Soccer Barbie. Junior Year I was Donatello, and she was Leonardo (complete with sweet shells). This year I was set on being a Bumblebee (with a tu-tu. dont ask where I got the idea, I dont know, I just wanted to make a tu-tu). Mallory was a Muse (think Hercules) with one of her roomates. It was a fun night :)

Charlie Manuel visits SVU

Charlie Manuel, manager of the Phillies is a Buena Vista native and came back to visit and for a forum. I really didnt follow much of what he said because he was speaking buena vistian but it was a decent time. This is Mal with one of the signs they put on our chairs to wave when he came in to the arena.

This is Scott.
He's the boyfriend.

[ :-) ]

I made pulled pork a friday or two ago which happens to combine two of his favorite things - Meat & Sauce. This boy loves Sauce. I think these two pictures sum him up pretty well.

My birthday present from Sam. Kahlua Chocolates :-)
I told Mom about these and she insisted that they had
alcohol in them. I told her that I read the package at least
three times, and that I was certain they were okay. It was
very funny though, trying to convince her.

For Bones Night we made Peppermint Bark. Scott chopped the chocolate and broke the candy canes... I think the crew is watching Outsourced here.

Hopefully more fun pictures to come :)

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