I woke up this morning feeling like P. Diddy

Okay maybe not P. Diddy but this morning has been super productive. Ive loved it because yesterday was far from productive, I basically just went to walmart and brought Scott a "get better" bag with lots of goodies in it since he was feeling sick. This morning, though, was great! I woke up and made some banana bread for starters. I bought bananas yesterday just for this but I thought I would have a few days since they were yellow, well this morning they were nice and brown so I made some yummy banana bread. I can say yummy because its a pretty fool proof recipe and I am eating some of it right now :)

After that I started on the creme brulee. Scott and I havent started our "no sugar" ...thing yet but we decided Sundays would for sure be our day off (since you cant go out and buy things, youd have to just deal with what you have in the house - scott's reasoning) and it is Sunday, and he bought me a creme brulee set so I am taking advantage. It smells like Banana Bread and Creme Brulee (very vanilla cream) in my house - Oh my, Good!

On top of the cooking I have vacuumed the apartment, folded laundry, taken out the trash and recycling, put on and taken off a face mask :), and done some general tidying up.

And now, I have Ward Conference, Home Teachers coming after church, and some other odds and ends I'd like to do. But, just as a re-cap, I knocked out half of my 10 point to-do list in 3 hours.

My Creme Brulee Set :-)

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