Music Monday - Two-Toned

I met Gina in Newspaper this year.
She's rad.
We share a name, almost (She's Georgina).
I love her hair.
and she knows good music.

Mitch plays baseball,
and hunches when he sings.
(and, yes, that is all I know about Mitch hah)

SVU hasn't had a music act quite like this duo in the four years that I've been here so I am excited to see where they go. They'll be doing some recording this summer and I can't wait to buy my copy and jam to wherever I may be geographically at the time I get it. Utah? Yeah, maybe.

So now I present to you, Elephant Shortcut with Two Toned.

(this performance was at a benefit concert for Japan after the tsunami and the echo is from the speakers, check out their youtube channel for more vids!)

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