My " Attitude of Gratitude " List - Part 2

I know I did this awhile back but tonight, and really at this very moment, I am bursting with emotion in the best way possible. I am suddenly feeling so grateful and so very happy with life and all that is going on right now. Is it all easy? Certainly not, but all that is happening is for my good and I am seeing that. So, kiddos, here is My "Attitude of Gratitude" List - Part 2

*if i duplicate somethings well, then i guess they're super important

1 - I had FHE tonight and my goodness, my ward is amazing! I have received a Co (I am FHE Coordinator, without a co because he left to go on his mission) and even though the Co- has not been sustained or set-apart yet he came to help me tonight with FHE and it was just fantastic. We had a Ward Birthday Party, basically celebrating everyones birthday so as to never leave someone out. We had three different cakes and had them count off in to teams of three. They then needed to go out in pairs (2 people from each team) and find the hidden decorations throughout the church. The type of frosting they found dictated what cake they got to decorate ( message me for instructions if you want to do this, it was so fun ) They then decorated their cakes and even though one boy, who is not in our ward but always comes to our activities and is a little hyper, found the m&ms and dumped them all over his groups already frosted cake they dealt with it well (as well as they could, they were upset freshman girls) and then my not-so-official co and I picked the winning group.

It was so much fun! Complete and utter chaos but everyone was laughing, and really having a fun time. If you can handle the noise and having to stand on a chair to make people listen to you then its great.

My C0- also gave a really wonderful spiritual thought/lesson prepared in only 8 minutes on Creativity and our power to create. Perfect for the activity.

2 - That all being said I am so grateful for my FHE Committee. They are all fantastic. Samantha. Chanson. Michelle. Austin. Danielle. (& Nate) You are all wonderful. You make my life easy, and you make this calling so much fun. I appreciate all of the time and work (and money, before being reimbursed) that you put in to your callings. We (minus Nate) all had an interesting semester with trying to figure out what these callings meant but we did it, and I have such high hopes for this next semester and all we can and will do.

3 - I am grateful for my body. I do two different programs; Body Attack and Body Flow. Body Attack is a sports-inspired, aerobics program designed to get your heart rate up and keep it up for the better portion of an hour. Body Flow is a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Thai Chi that is designed to help your flexibility, balance and develop your core muscles. I go to Body Flow MWF at 8am and then Body Attack MWF at 10am. Since combining the two I have seen such improvement in my fitness and how I feel, and I'm glad that my body doesn't give out on me with such workouts....

except when I pulled my quad last Wednesday and since then have missed both attack and flow

4 - I am grateful for my family but most especially, my 73 year old father who no matter what happens will drop everything to help me out. He has been so great with all of my car problems lately and has always been a support to me and my education. I never hang up the phone without hearing " I am so proud that you are my daughter " - Well Gee, Dad. Make me cry, Why don't you? I am glad he says that because it reminds me very often that I have people that have worked so hard so I could be where I am and I owe them that much, to make them proud of what I have become and what I have done with their help.

5 - And right now, I'm grateful for my pillow & my bed that I made this morning that looks so neat but I am about to climb right in and mess it up.

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  1. I like this post.
    Especially the part about your dad. Beautiful.