Tunnel Vision

(Driving under the Atlantic Ocean in Norfolk, VA - 11/27/10)

Do you ever get tunnel vision? Because, I do.

In fact, sometimes I worry that my friends might think I am ignoring them or don't love them or something because sometimes I am so set on my destination that I just focus and walk.

Like today, for example. I was leaving Spanish class on my way to turn in my graduation application (weird!) and I saw a friend of mine. I yelled to get his attention and then someone else called my name, I turned around to see who it was said hi and noticed Scott but was trying to figure out where my friend went so I quickly turned around to find him and therefore, ignored Scott. I found the friend and after chatting with him for a sec felt kind of bad that I didn't say hi - but I think he'll get over it, I hope.

There was another time that I was running some event, probably FHE or something, and I was running around trying to get everything set up and people were coming in and because my task at hand was to get things in to the room I just walked where I needed to go... and might have nearly run over a freshman or two in the process. Nearly.

So - this got me to thinking. If I have tunnel vision in my day to day activities, Do I have tunnel vision with my life?

The answer - Yes.

The latest fireside from Elder D. Todd Christofferson was perfectly geared towards a person like me. Someone, who at the moment, is so focused on end goals that sometimes she forgets to enjoy the journey that she is on.

Lets hope I can fix this whole tunnel vision problem.

I can get to the end goal, enjoy the journey and hopefully stop ignoring & running people down.

Benefits for all


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