"You've got Bang Bangs!"

From This

To This

Ive talked about the big hair change but havent posted about it yet, so for your viewing pleasure - a history of how my style has not changed, in about 15 years.
The last time I had full on bangs. (L) Im about 3, (R) Im about 6 here I think

(L) Freshman or Sophomore year with Sam. Long, dark (probably dyed) with side bangs

(R) Shorter, Curly, little red to it and therefore probably not dyed. Right after I asked someone to prom hahaha Im a dweeb :)

(L) Right after graduation from RHHS. Long, Dark, Grown out Side Bangs

(R) Sophomore Year @ SVU. I had dyed it dark just a few months prior to this night when Mal and I decided to put some red chunks/color in our hair the night before Finals Week because "they cant kick us out or punish us finals week!" & yes we really thought that

(L) Scott and I in Norfolk, VA in November. Old color growing out & roots showing, really bugging me at the time. My hair was really at its longest since about 1st grade at this point, proabably 6 inches past my shoulders at least

(R) What Scott saw when I came home (VA) from home (NY). I refused to send him a picture and instead waited to suprise him, it was so worth it.


  1. Gina, love the new hair! Bangs look great on you. Yeah, I am moving to DC. So pysched! I leave Wednesday. We need to meet up when you get there. You MUST let me know when you come. You can always crash at my place if you ever needed it.