Oneirophobia - Episode 1

Oneirophobia is the fear of dreams. I certainly dont have that but until I come up with a better title for what I assume will be a series of posts that is what I am sticking too.

I have weird dreams. Most are very vivid, and I usually remember a few per night or every other night. Last night was no exception. Over break I had my hair dyed so that when it grew out it would go back to its natural color and I wouldn't have to keep coloring it brown when it turns this reddish auburn color (seen below). In my dream I must have done something to my hair because I "woke up" and had blue and orange (as in a more orange version of the color seen below) hair! It freaked me out so bad. I panicked and called the woman who colored my hair and told her she needed to send me the money that it cost to get it done to begin with because she must have done something wrong and I needed to get her mistake fixed down here at school.

Somehow by the end of the dream the woman I was talking to had convinced me to send her the amount I had paid in the beginning and she would send me the coloring stuff so it could be fixed.

A sign that I must be far too gullible.

What do you think? Orange/Red hair with some blue chunks? Sounds pretty cool. Ever done anything super dramatic with your hair color?

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