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Currently: Drinking this juice while doing oodles of Spanish 4 homework,

A mi me gusta :)

Prior to juice-age and tarea-doing...

I ordered my new sneaks for Body Attack. During the plyo track of attack on Friday I landed and quickly felt what no support left in my shoes meant. Ouch. Being that Luna (my car) is acting up I figured I would try out Zappo's and order them online. We have Gel-Kanbarra by Asics and the Ryka Revives. Cross your fingers that A - they come before launch this coming Friday and B- that one pair fits and that I actually like said pair.

What lead me up to the juice drinking, homework doing, shoe ordering night I've had?

I scared my FHE group leaders in to e-mailing me their lists of plans for the next two weeks. By scared I mean I texted them saying we would have to meet before church today and then I received emails with plans so no meeting!

I went to church. Megs and I were discussing what to do for Bones night because there is not a new episode this week and I said "How about we finally watch The Importance of being Earnest?" to which she replied "Ooh! Tonight?!?".

I had dinner with the girls upstairs (I live in a house with 3 apartments - 1st floor, basement and top floor - a total of 9 girls but most were out of town this weekend). I asked what I could bring and they said dessert so I cranked out a Chocolate Pudding Cake. so totally not a diet friendly snack but hecka good, and super easy.
Then I got a text from Megs saying the parents were at BYC but Mother gave us permission to watch the movie without her. I gave Megs a call and her hubs-dubs answered and answered every question I asked in German until I heard the lady in the background say "tell her to come over!!". He relayed the message and asked me to bring goodies.
I took a half-pan full of Chocolate Pudding Cake over to the parents (the dransfields). Gavin came upstairs and announced that while we were watching our movie, he was going to watch his movie Despicable Me. (I LOVE THAT MOVIE) Megs and I started the movie and then I ventured downstairs for a little to catch some Gavin's movie (he apparently was hoping I would want to watch that movie over Importance of Being Earnest - I'm pretty happy to share a birthday with this kid). The parents came home, we finished the movie with Mother, Gavin and I talked possible celebration plans for our half birthday (I like to celebrate them and Ill be here for our half birthday... Dude, why not?!), Megs fell asleep, Mother and I talked Senior Paper Topics and Classes, Scott played Lazy Eye, Mother had homework and so did I - exit from Dransfield home and...
here I am.
Did I mention I also have a crock pot full of Potato Soup going? Its a friends recipe but I doctored it a bit so its more like a loaded potato soup, or baked potato soup, or ...yummy stuff :)
Okay - Its now probably time I get back to homework.

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