humble pie.

My room mate came home very late last night, like 2am, while I was making scones. I had already tried one and was surprised they were so good even though I was making them half awake so I bragged a bit and she said "yeah, you're a good cook and humble too!"

Okay, okay. Give me a break, it was 2 am.

Just so I can deflate my ego a little I decided I would think of some culinary failures Ive had - I can only remember a few but there are tons!

*This Christmas I cooked the entire meal - appetizers to dessert. I forgot the sugar in both apple pies, talk about tart!!

*I was making a soup recipe of Sis Dransfields but adding some other stuff in there as well. I put a can of corn in it and left it over night which made it taste... weird. I eventually fixed it but not without turning my potato chunks into potato bits.

*I cant count how many times I have burned pancakes

*I made macaroni and cheese recently and somehow it ended up way too salty :(

*I attempted some pasta, Parmesan cheese and tuna dish - fail. It was gross.

better? :)

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