Spring Break 2011 - Update

See this map?
The red heart is where I am currently located.
The green stars are my destinations.
The orange stars are my trip back.
The red star is to represent my many "favorites" in that location.

I bought my plane ticket on Monday night and have been semi-freaking out ever since.
Round trip it was close to $500,
but so worth it.

I leave March 3rd from VA, change planes in PA and then its a straight shot to Las Vegas, NV.

Ill be in Vegas for 3 days and then its up to Provo, Utah.

Ill get to see my (yes, note the possession) Sam, Boomer, Tommy, Brandon, Diana, Amber, Geoff, Jordan, Bekah, and more!

**These people are enough of a reason to get me to move out west**

Ill be in Provo for a full week, and leave from Salt Lake on March 14th.
Ill stop in Denver and Chicago to change planes and then be back in Roanoke.
Cross your fingers and I might get lucky enough to see Kenny in Denver.

This is going to be EPIC!

My first trip out West. Serious.
Unless you count Ohio as being in the West.
Nope? Didn't think so.

So far on my checklist of things to do are:

The Strip
The Old Strip (Freemont Street)
Water Show at the Bellagio
In N Out
Las Vegas Temple

As many Temples as possible!! (Definitely Mount Timp and Salt Lake)
J Dawgs
Hang out on BYU Campus
Go to class with Sam
If its not too cold, Hike to the Y
See a local show (band)

Question: What else do I need to see and do while I am here? My layover in Chicago is 3hrs long, any ideas for that one? How about some good books to read on all of these planes I'm taking?


  1. Doesn't O'Hare have a children's museum? That might be fun!

    Also, I have the perfect series for you: The Mysterious Benedict Society. There are three good-sized books (all in paperback - $6.99 each), which will keep you busy, and they're entertaining enough to read for hours on end. They're categorized as kids' books, but I'd say they're almost in league with HP. (Nothing matches HP, of course, but they're really well-written and interesting!)

  2. Gina. It's Gina.
    I will be in P town the same time as you! Def go to the art museum on the Y campus. There's a really cool show there right now.
    There's an awesome lounge on University (across from the Velour venue) called Spark, that is def awesome. And Velour has some pretty decent shows. Maybe a drive up to Sundance Ski Resort. It's gorgeous. I heart you. Also. You should read "The History of Love" during your layover. It will change your life.