Paints, Prints and Presents - Oh my!

So I've recently started following a great little blog {Young People in Love} .
Its fun to follow blogs of really adorable, young lds wives.
Unsure about that? - Read this

I am a not-so-closet follower of these blogs. Check the side bar, I read NieNie.

Well Amanda (1/2 of these young people in love) is doing a really fun giveaway.
Her and her husband were robbed, while at church, and she needs a little "happy" and by giving away a print, I think thats lots of "happy" vibes being sent her way!
(I speak about these people like I know them, I hope that doesnt come off creepy... back to the point)

So for my 4th entry in to the giveaway I need to blog about it.

I love art.
See my header? Thats my painting.
I love prints!
Look at Amanda's Etsy Shop
And I could totally live with getting one of these and calling it a nice early graduation present just for me :)

So - Cross your fingers and visit her blog!

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