i had a date!

...with my best friend and her boyfriend on skype :)

was that a bit of a let down for you?

oh well, it was lots of fun for me.

she answered my questions about my upcoming flight,

we discussed all the things that they have planned for me in utah,

and we exchanged a lot of silly faces.

i really love those two people.

(yes, boomer, im including you in this)

its nearly 2:00am and i am still awake....

and i dont really have a good excuse.

i have updated my profile on ldsjobs,

updated my resume,

and refilled my cup of white grape peach mango juice though.

tomorrow is going to be pretty busy.

as is wednesday.

and friday.

and then all of next week - getting ready for my trip and all,

so maybe ill go to bed,


p.s. i would apologize for the lack of capital letters and appropriate grammar and usage of punctuations but i dont really care all that much. i will apologize to Katie Randall Jensen in case she reads this just because i know how she is about stuff like that.



  1. We loved skyping with you. You can join us on a date any time :)

  2. I might hold you to that - We should pull a triple date while im out there!! (I say triple because I dont want someone to feel left out haha)