Goodnight Hugs

I got a job today, but more on that later.

Right now we are going to talk about goodnight hugs.

I'm a hug kind of girl. It's probably because I'm quite a cuddler too.

TMI? Lo siento.

So tonight's hug... well, one of the many... went something like this:

Yo: Time for you to go home (he was fallin' asleep!)

El: Hm... no....

*after "falling asleep", and getting to look at my new dishes (serious.), he finally gives in

stand at the door, hug commences - somewhere during the hug someone starts shimmying. i wont admit to it being me... but it could have been... and if it was, i don't know why.

El: Ooh! (after he continues shimmying - hahaha this sounds better as I type it)

Yo: Knock it off, you're going to have to buy me dinner (a slight hint at what the besties have been trying to get me to bring up for the last week)

El: Why buy dinner, when we can just cook it

...a man after my own heart... 

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