Music Monday - Dirt

Sayde Price.
Take a little of Regina Spektor's mood and lyrics, mix with with some Brandi Carlisle folky sounds, and it still doesn't get you to Sayde Price.

But when my friend Dan (yes, he's technically Spencer's cousin but I think I will call him my friend, because hopefully we're at that point by now) asked who she sounded like that is about the answer I gave him.

Sayde is a local artist - have I mentioned yet how much I adore the Provo/Salt Lake music scene? It's fantastic. Sayde did not let us down.

A few Fridays back a few of us went to this little shindig:

We arrived as the opening act, The Mollie's were finishing up and just in time to see CJane. storm the stage. I geeked out thinking oh my, I follow this woman's blog and there she is. It's probably how I would feel if I ever met Taza (though, her sisters go to SVU so that wouldn't be completely out of the blue) or if I saw Sam from Young People in Love (also wouldn't be so far from possible considering we live in the same general area now and I see her blogging about things I've been to) but STILL. It was pretty cool. No one I was with knew who she was, but I did.

We met up with Dan and listened to Sayde and Joshua James - for free.

Good music. Good company. Free.

I love Provo.

For your enjoyment, I give you Sayde Price, Dirt

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