Weekend in Denver


7/17 - Felicia is looking for cheap tickets, anywhere. Since anywhere is a large pool of options I began helping her look for tickets. I found round trip tickets from Provo to Denver and back for a little over $100 each way. We table the idea.
7/18 - We look up tickets again. I check my budget. I decide I am bored, and hop on the idea for a weekend getaway. We check the tickets again and they are still the same price, and we get to upgrade to what Frontier calls "Classic Plus", or their version of 1st Class. We buy our tickets.
7/22 - We leave Provo
7/25 - We leave Denver

If that's not eventful enough our trip also included: having to carry a backpack full of my things through downtown Denver because the lockers at the hostel were smaller than my backpack, having a guard at the Denver Public Library not only tell us how to get to Cherry Creek but what part houses in Denver are haunted and where he lives (truth), spending our first day trying to figure out where we were going to sleep because our hostel was Creepy (yes, capital C, Creepy), getting lunch at Good Time Burger (which is not worth it) because we were so tired and hungry that we eventually just picked something, getting lost on our way back to the hostel in a part of Denver we probably did not want to be in, Felicia needing to go to the bathroom so badly we ran in to the Art Museum and asked (puppy dog eyes included) if we could please use their bathroom, returning to our hostel to criss cross apple sauce and decide where we were sleeping, texting Kenny "Dear Knight in Shining Armor, we have two Damsels in Distress here who are ready to be rescued", leaving the hostel to wait for Kenny at the Arby's across the street only to come across barely dressed prostitutes and their pimps, waiting in Arby's and being asked if we were homeless, leaving Arby's because we were afraid of the pimps/prostitutes/drug deals and walking to a more lit area, walking past girls that were also poorly dressed who looked at us thinking we were homeless, seeing an unmarked cop car lurking near us, Kenny coming to save the day, spending the night at Kenny's place, going to the Temple & Qdoba, taking Kenny's car to the outlet mall and Felicia's aunt and uncles place, deciding we would stay the night at their place, going to church twice - once to see Felicia's cousin Trenton sing in church and then to the singles ward with Kenny, spending Sunday afternoon at her family's place, Felicia overflowing the toilet and then breaking the sink all before she could shower, waking up early the next morning to pack, eating omeletes made with five eggs a piece, walking to the light rail and then luckily getting on the right bus in to Cherry Creek, buying 5 Godiva chocolates for the price of 3, shopping in a mall that is way out of our price range, meeting up with Kenny for lunch at Duffy's Cherry Cricket (SO GOOD) and then Kenny driving us out to the airport, and Spencer and Lindsey picking us up in Provo.

That, was our weekend in Denver.
But I know all you really want to see is photos so here you go :)

"Are we really doing this?!"
Boarding our Frontier Flight
Not a fan of takeoff...
Classic Plus! 5 extra inches of legroom, 2 free checked bags, An entire beverage and free snacks.
Outside the Denver Museum of Art

Rednek Wine Glass - Mason Jar with a stem

Keys to the City
Taking the Recess pledge for a free t-shirt

Our lockers in our hostel. We had one per person.... yeah...
Stanley and Felicia had a less than friendly relationship

Denver Temple!

Frozen Yogurt @ Swirls in Castle Rock, CO
Longest game of apples to apples, ever.
We left Provo to miss Pioneer Days and left church with Pioneer Day Cupcakes

Fixing the sink, post-toilet overflow-edge
After fixing the toilet, and the sink, and finally getting to shower

Breakfast @ The Original Pancake House
Where do we go now?

Man V. Food

Little Cricket w/ Cream Cheese, Grilled Onions, Bacon and Jalepenos

Kenny decided to slide down the railing with a gimp leg. This is after he swung backwards and hung upside down for a minute... we were pretty sure he was going to hit his head
...because we only have one photo together...
And that, my friends, was our weekend in Denver.

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