Sophomore Year in Photos - Final

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Ill post better pictures when I can but these are my roomates, Katie & Janelle. Katie graduated from SVU in May and Janelle and I are both starting our Junior years this fall. We have had a lot of fun so far this summer.
4th of July - We went with a group to VMI (Virginia Military Institute) to see fireworks.
This is a picture I really love. There are some gorgeous backroads where Im at in NY and this is one of my favorite to go and take pictures, especially near sunset.
Cailin and I in her golf cart at the end of my sisters driveway. We were waiting for my dad and brothers to come, since they still didnt know I was in town earlier than I said I would be. About a minute after we took this picture it started to sprinkle and then DOWNPOUR. It was ridiculous trying to get back up the driveway and inside with all the rain, of course all Cailin and I could do was laugh at our luck.
I suprised the fam by coming home a few days earlier than they thought I was. Cailin was my first stop. Only her mom, My sister, knew that I was coming so she was very shocked to see me as was my grandmother. She was a little furious though because I had been calling her and my dad all day to talk and ask directions, she had know idea I was driving :-) This is Cailin on her pink golf cart with the blanket I made her for our camping trip that I leave for on Sunday!!
John & Becky in the Air & Space Museum in Washington DC. While watching Night at the Museum 2 (great movie) with John, he discovered that I had never been to DC to do all of the touristy stuff, you know see the museums and monuments. It was then we decided that before he left we would go, and so we did. Our adventure lasted a full 24hrs, where we left at 4 am and returned at 4am. We were able to see a handful of the Smithsonian Museums, The Capitol Building & The Washington Monument - the latter being from a distance though. We were also lucky enough to see the end of the changing of the guards at Arlington and a few other ceremonies. John and I will be going again near the middle of august on our way down to school.
During May I took a class called America & The Enlightenment taught by Dr. Lora Knight. We had a great class, seriously so much fun. We quickly became friends, and held lots of study nights/pizza parties. For our final we even invited Dr. Knight over to my house to watch Amazing Grace, eat A&E pizza (Pineapple & [francis] Bacon) and make the t-shirts we are wearing in this picture. This class was done over 4 weeks, so 2 weeks in we had a midterm and then another 2 weeks and we had a final. It was very fast paced but like I said, we all enjoyed it or at least the company. Right-->Left (including our given nicknames which we took from the material we studied) Gayle Smith (John Smith), Hannah Porter (1/2 of The Fronde), Alex Doxey (Francis Bacon, the Audacious Young Punk), Mariel Porter (1/2 of The Fronde), Colleen Moore (Publius), Myself (Marie Antoinette), Kristy Wright (Nathaniel Bacon), and Dr. Lora Knight (Olympe De Gouges) - Not pictured is Tim Meyer (King Louis XVI - I think.. Marie Antoinettes husband)A Joyful Spirit Cafe! This is where I work. I have worked here since the end of April 2008, and I do like this job, despite what I may say some days. While at work I will most likely be doing one of 5 things - Register, Make, Grill, Delivery, or Cleaning - sometimes Ill go between more than one depending on how many people are on that day. I am typically a closer which means I get to do the end of the day closing jobs, which includes dishes, sweeping, mopping, and my favorite - bank/drawer/tips = $$.
Ana and Mila. As I came out of the baptistry I saw Mila screaming and crying. She was about 1 at this point and did not like being seperated from her Mommy. My friend, Fale, was watching both Ana and Mila so I went over to help and sure enough she calmed down quickly. We played with them for a couple of hours while their parents were doing sessions. It was great to be able to help them have time to do something like that.Mallory & I on my wards temple trip. This time we were able to do baptisms and spend a lot of time in the visitors center. DC has always been my favorite temple but I grew to love it even more this trip.
Horrible picture but this is Paul & I at Lee-hi's around 12am or so. Megan and John were on the other side of our table and most pictures from that night are blurry or just shouldnt be posted, however Ill post this one just so you can see how Paul and I matched that night - Completely not planned. He just came out to the car and we both happened to be wearing the same obnoxious shade of blue.

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