So now that I have updated the blogging world on my sophomore year its time to get started on what is happening next! Tomorrow is my last day of work for a few weeks as I will be going back up north for about three weeks on sunday. I leave from my sisters for Rhode Island on the 28th and I will be there for a week! Its probably my favorite week out of the whole year because we camp, and eat lots of seafood and lay out on the beach daily - Its wonderful!! After that Ill hang out at my sisters for a little bit and then head home for a few days with the fam. On the 12th at 1 am... yes, 1am, Ill be picking up my friend John from JFK. During our trip to DC (if you dont know what im talking about, look down through my sophomore year in photos blogs, youll understand) he mentioned how much he liked the east coast last time he was out here (He is from Vegas) and I dropped the idea of him coming up to visit at some point. John, being the assertive type, began looking at flights and saw that he could find a very cheap one to fly out east in august. This just happened to work with the time that I would be up north and therefore we could drive down to school together. Now if you knew John or Myself you would know that this trip could not merely consist of driving to school - No. Over the week or so that we will be on the east coast/on our way to school we are taking full advantage of having my car and two big appettites for adventure. We will be going to Boston (and hopefully get to see one of my good friends Diana), NYC (to see all of the museums, Ground Zero, Brooklyn Bridge, and Lady Liberty - probably from a distance because the less money we spend, the better) and we will be hitting up Washington DC again on our way down to school. On top of this the missionaries are coming over for dinner one night, Ill get to give John a tour of the prettier side of NY - the Hudson Valley of course, and since my little brother plays Lacrosse like John gets to scrimmage with my brother and his friends (I, being the wonderful friend I am, am bringing up his pads and sticks so he can play properly and without being hurt, I hope).

So there, my friends is what I will be doing for the next GLORIOUS three weeks, I will not promise to blog during those weeks, If I do it will be a nice suprise and if not then I will catch blogspot up when I come back.


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