Sophomore Year in Photos - Part 2

These are backwards with more recent photos first.
A Joyful Spirit Crew at our Christmas party
Winter Ball with Mallory
Happy Birthday to ME!!! - Two Cakes!

Leaving NY for VA after thanksgiving

Mal and I over my birthday weekend, yes, it was a weekend celebration

At the mall shopping for my birthday and writing a letter to Santa

Halloween Dance with Mallory (Gangster Barbie), Dax (Tourist) and Myself (Soccer Barbie)
Halloween with the Joyful Spirit Crew. The 3rd "little pig" left earlier.

We suprised Ashley for her 19th Birthday. Ran into her room with Balloons and Silly String, kidnapped her and made her wear a batman mask to ensure her blindfold woudldnt come off and took her to Waffle house... did I mention this was all at 4:30am?

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