Sophomore Year in Photos - Part 3!

Again, photos are backwards with the more recent ones first.

Hiking with Mallory around Panther Falls Spring Break - Hanging with Cailin
Happy 72nd Birthday Dad! (I made his cake)

Spring Break - I went to Boston to see Diana

Di & I in Boston

My side of the room in The Lofts

Bray & I

LACROSSE!! Basically, my social life for spring semester included going to all these games. It didnt help that I dated a lacrosse player but I really love the sport.

Super Bowl - Cardinals vs. Steelers or Awkward Angle vs. Crazy Face

How we stayed sane during our hours of Statistics Homework.

Mallory and Nate - Kelsy and Ryan from HSM
Rika and I - Sharpay and Gabriella, fighting over Troy as always. These were our costumes for the Disney Dance

Rika convinced me to go ice skating one of our first nights back. Also the night I met Brayden

Christmas Break - Camille and I kidnapped Mallory for her birthday

Cailin and I pulling a "Lady and the Tramp" as she called it with cookies over Christmas break

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