Sophomore Year in Photos - Part 4... almost there :-)

Most Recent Pictures First

My house is the yellow one. The blue house belongs to our neighbors FW & Brinn. Our Bishop lives across the street, Mormons everywhere!
Mal & I before Spring Ball. The only things we bought for this dance were our sunglasses.
Mal and I on the day of Spring Ball. We drove to Roanoke to try on dresses and see if we could find mal something. I think this picture is pretty representative of our personalities.. yes?
Tommy, Matt and Holli at the last SVU lacrosse game of the season.
Last SVU game of the season. The team they were supposed to play didnt show up so they played each other. On the ground we have Scott, the goalie, who was playing up this day and wrestling him in the grey jersey is Chad, the Coach. Best part about this game was that we could hear everything they were saying, basically all the trash talking they did. One of the most entertaining games all season.
I call this "Starving Artist". Megan and I would often go to the studio to paint after dinner. We had both taken Intro to Drawing together in the fall and were sick of drawing bottles from that class and then we had to do structure paintings for Oil Painting... Not even our Carbon Leaf Pandora station could keep us sane. (P.s. If you dont have a Carbon Leaf Pandora station.. you need to get one) Mallory and I on a Sunday Drive I guess, this may have been around General Conference time. We drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway to have a picnic but there were too many bugs so we sat in my car and ate and got out to take a few pictures. This, ladies and gent's, is Mallory pretending to fall over the Shenandoah Valley
So this is a horrible picture of us both but this is Megan and I in Elon, North Carolina. This is the farthest south I have been so far. It was a three hour trip to see who else but our mens LAX team play Elon. Elon had some nasty fans but our guys were happy to have at least us. Clearly we were going a little crazy here.
Mallory & Scottie - Mallory was working or had a class during the games after we made shirts and so this was when scott was able to see his shirt. On the back it has his number and INCHWORM, his nickname.. Im sure there is a great story behind that.
Shirt #2 - Logan "Tin Man" Murray (Mid) aka Kentucky & I. Logan had two numbers during the season so I just had his nickname on the back of this shirt. His family was actually at this game and his mom asked to take pictures of our shirts.
Shirt #1 - Brayden "Big Mac" Duran, #3 - Attack. I was only planning on making a shirt for brayden when I saw Logan at Lee-Hi's (local truck stop, 24hr diner thats popular with us students) and he said I needed to make him one too, so I had two shirts to switch between games.
Megans Shirt was for John "Johnboy" Trout, #2 all the way from Vegas.
There is John, #2, in action, I think Logan is behind the cage. This was a funny game because the opposing team had a few players that looked like they had just been picked off of the football team and handed a stick, for example, #85.
On our hike Mal and I brought lunch. Lots of goodies including Pepperoni, Ham, Bread, Apple slices, Pineapple, Cheddar Pringles and Goldfish - YUM

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