Sophomore Year in Photos - Part 1

This is Sassafras aka Sass, Oreo, Little Bit.. poor thing had a million names. Everyone called her something different but she was Sassafras :-) This was "our cat" down in Carriage. We werent really allowed to have pets but she was a stray so we fed her and gave her a bath once and of course played with her a lot. We did eventually find her a good home though.

This is Chelsea and I. We were neighbors, and pretty much twins while she was here. We even did a road trip back to NY early on in the semester.

R-L we have Diana, Mallory and Natalie. Out of the crew from Freshman year Mallory, Amber and I were the only ones left at school. All of the guys (Josh, Stephen, Kenny, John, Geoff, and Jordan) were either on missions or about to leave on missions. Diana and Natalie both moved out to Utah though at different schools. We were lucky enough to find a weekend that Natalie could fly out and John could drive down from PA to see us but we didnt tell the that Diana was also flying out. We convinced natalie that we were going to the mall in Roanoke and had to tell john we were going to get diana so he wouldnt think we were leaving him out of stuff. As we pulled in to the airport Natalie got a little flustered and wondered if we were putting her back on a plane but then she saw Diana and all made sense. We had a great little reunion and hopefully we will get to do it again, maybe even before Natalie gets married in december.

This is one of the first nights back to school. While I was in Carriage - apartment style housing, Mallory was in The Lofts which were the girls dorms. They had some sweet closet space which Mal loved once she discovered what a great hiding space it made. I eventually moved into the Lofts for Spring Semester.

Mallory and I at the Washington DC Temple. We are in the DC temple district and every October the school does a service trip where we all go up there and do some weeding, planting and you know all the christmas lights? Yup! We get to put those up. It was a really cool experience especially since I hadnt been up there since My family was sealed there in '97.

Homecoming! Chelsea, Myself and Amber went with our friend Shaun and had loads of fun this year.
Chelseas last day in BV with Shaun and I. Sad day to see the Maymester crew break up.

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