Viva Las Vegas

I leave for Las Vegas, Nevada this Thursday. Ill switch planes in Philly and then arrive around 10:30pst. Ill be there until Saturday where I will fly from LAS to Long Beach, California and then on to Salt Lake City arriving 10:30mst. Ill be there for a little over a week and then make the crazy trip home of SLC to Denver to Chicago to Roanoke arriving 10:30est.

Oh, the many time zones.
and, oh, the planes.
7 planes.

So now all that stands between me and this trip is homework and lots of it:
Personal & Family Finance - Test 3, First 3 sheets of Budget, 3 page paper on "The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom"

Economic History - Senior Paper Topic Proposal

Strategic Management - 3 year Strategic Vision, BSG Year 15 (lots of work to that one)

Markets & Securities - Catch up on notes from missed class and classes I will miss due to the trip

Spanish 4 - Un presentacion oral y tarea

Paladin - Billing of last issues advertisements, sending out copies of the issue to advertisers, setting up next issues advertisements, "Word on the Street" question

1 Body Flow Class, 1 Body Attack Class, 1 Senior Photo Shoot, 9 classes, one crazy evening of packing and all the above assignments.

I leave Thursday.
Wish me luck.

I will not post until I come back from the trip but I will be checking the comments so please, give me ideas of where I need to go and what I need to see while in Utah and Vegas.

Peace & Blessin's

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  1. hahahha kay, that is not about your blog post. that is for the video. funny stuff. Good luck on all of your stuff!