Let me tell you about my friend....

This is my super cute, other half, voice of reason, best friend, Sam. 

Come this September I will have known her for 17 years. Seventeen. We've been through K-12 together, four years of Seminary, two proms, one Mormon prom, "shared" two boyfriends (dated same guys, different times), dealt with large piles of less-than-ideal situations and circumstances, and so much more. For the past four years we have lived on opposite sides of the country - her in Provo, Utah and I in Buena Vista, Virginia. We have pursued different degrees - hers in Education (correct me if thats wrong dear ha) and mine in Business Management. We have dated different guys (ha) and helped each other through more of life's trials at a distance. We've been able to see each other over Christmas vacations and sometimes during the summer breaks too, but it's always a short visit. I have been telling my favorite half Hawaiian that I was going to visit her at BYU since freshman year. If it wasn't finances holding me back it was bad timing, until this spring break when I finally made it happen. It was the best timing because the boys were finally all home from their missions and I was about to graduate with no idea of what I was doing after. I visited and found a love for Utah, and now I am moving. It is still pretty surreal to both of us but not only will I be living in Provo but Sam and I will be housemates for two months this summer. 

Samantita (Squishface, Tomato-Squash, Tha, Sammi K, etc) and I had a skype date today and it just reminded me of why our friendship is so good. It is not a friendship that either one of us has to baby, we just kind of pick up wherever we left off the previous time we saw/spoke/hung out with each other and it works. 

She even teases me a little when during our Skype Date I paint my nails, twice. (I just hate when the nail polish doesn't dry fast enough and you mess it up. Bad, ain't it?)

I definitely put this on my graduation announcement. I felt the picture was appropriate - a celebratory jump in the air, getting ready to land who knows where.... yup, sounds like graduation from college to me.
I don't remember what this face was in reference too but I still think it is a funny photo.

Boomer doing homework and Sam and I planning my trip to Utah.

I wish I could say what they were making faces about but I don't know if those involved read this blog. I will say that the phrase " are they siblings? he looks like her father " were uttered.

....did I forget to mention, She's single? 

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