Update -

I have two boxes packed and taped up to be shipped to Utah.

I have a large garbage can full of... garbage.

There is a large U-Haul box full of things to be taken to Goodwill.

My cupboards are empty. Never mind that their contents are on the counters, stove and kitchen table.

Sheets, blankets, pillow cases and most of my clothing is freshly washed.

I'm happy that my roommate is gone for all of this because I'm pretty sure we would never talk again if she saw what our apartment looks like right now.

I really love my friends for coming to hang out and keep my company as I go through all of my stuff I've accumulated.

Dad called me today wondering if I was really even coming home before moving to Utah. Hardy, har, har. I'll be there.... soon... ish.

The things that are getting me through all of this packing? Friends. Cathy's speakers that make the music sound oh so good and the walls shake. Flat Rate Shipping Boxes. Edy's Fruit Bars ('cept they were out of the Acai ones tonight :-[ ) and Netflix.

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I felt like throwing a picture in  here. This is my oldest brother, Jimmy, on his always coveted 9/11 memorial Harley- Davidson. I'm kind of in love with his bike. Not sure why he is dressed like Santa but it makes this picture all the better.

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  1. Wow! Great progress! Moving is the worst. Sounds like you've got UT under control tho!