Memorial Day Weekend - Part 2

On Saturday most of our group got the opportunity to work at the Southern Virginia University Open House. It was really cool to get to see how the school puts on one of these events. I came to SVU after being here for EFY so it was different but I enjoyed getting to talk to students and parents and help answer questions. The tour was probably my favorite part, and thats when a lot of students would ask me questions about housing and rules of campus and different clubs and majors.

After the Open House finished we scrambled to get everyone packed and together at the same house. We took two cars, my snazzy rental and Jesse's car. Our first stop was the Washington, DC Temple where we had an appointment to do baptisms. Jesse drove with Mari and Katrina and Sara, Tyler and Tori came in my car. We took some photos after our time at the temple and then headed up to Olney, MD for some Cafe Rio {insert Tyler's "devil voice" here followed by an equally creepy sounding Baja Fresh}. We then decided to hit up the Jefferson Memorial before heading to our place of rest in Arlington, VA (does that sound weird? We were staying at Sara's sister's place... and would be resting there.... hmmm). I figured since Jefferson isn't one you normally walk to from the mall we should get that one done that night. It was beautiful. I love the monuments at night. From Jefferson, Lincoln, and Washington you get such great views of the district.

After that we made our way to KCM's house in Arlington, VA, but not before my GPS could get us lost...

to be continued....

The "back" of the "front" of the DC Temple

Jesse thought these giant dandelions were cool...

Jesse and Tyler

The girls - Katrina, Tori, Me and Sara. As soon as we got up there the wind started blowing our skirts and dresses around and it made for an awkward few moments while we tried to figure it out.

Tyler forgot to turn in his clip from the baptistry and then we teased him a little for "Stealing" from the temple. (Okay, it was just me but I thought it was funny and this picture is too. I like his creepy shadow to the left of him)

Me and the DC Temple!

Sara, Tori, Tyler, Mari, Jesse, Katrina and me.

My attractive friends at Cafe Rio. Sorry, but there needs to be proof. :)

I was telling George Mason a secret I guess. It was Mari's idea but I think its a fun photo.

Washington and Jefferson from the Tidal Basin

Tori, Sara and Tyler looking out on the tidal basin towards Washington

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