Memorial Day Weekend - Part 1

So, like I said here, my plans always seem to change. Always. It's Heavenly Father's way of letting me know that he is in control, and I am not...

It started Friday morning when Mal and I had decided to go to the Raleigh, NC temple. By the time I picked up my rental car and was ready to go, and then got to Ma'ls house and she was ready to go - It was about 11am. I kept looking up directions and they said 3.5 hours. That's not too terrible. We plugged it into the gps and it said 4.8 hours.... what?!?!? I really wanted to go to the temple that day but it just didn't seem feasible. We decided to hike it to Short Pump aka Richmond and have a girls day.  Along the way I got a ticket (read the caption) and we also got dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It was a fun day.

We stopped at Lee-hi's to change for our new destination

My Memorial Day Rental - 2012 Ford Focus SE Woooohoooo

This was right after I was "pulled over". I passed a cop and another silver car in front of me and I both moved to the right lane. Everyone was going fast that day, me included. It was kind of a keep up with traffic sitch. Well we saw a "2 miles to scenic view" sign and decided to pull off. It took the cop 2 miles, me almost parking and then picking another spot, parking, searching for my camera, shutting of the car and starting to get out before we even saw him and he said "Ma'am stay in your car please". What the what?! I assume that maybe the other car couldnt have gotten a ticket that day, they were having a bad day or something but really, ridiculous.

My ticket :(

We went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner

...and ate yummy food

...and played with our menus....

...and ate some dang good cheesecake.

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