More Change...

Well, I am still in Buena Vista.

What the what!?

Dude, it takes forever to pack up a full apartment by yourself. I have a bajillion (yes, it's a word) piles in the living room of our apartment. 1 is Goodwill, another is Garbage, one for Shipping to Utah, and another for Leaving with Sister Dransfield because I am definitely bringing this to Utah, and then the Free to Roommates or whoever wants it pile, the I wish I could sell this because I dont want to give it away for nothing but I dont know where I'll put it otherwise pile and last the Taking this junk to NY to sort through it pile.

Add in the fact that my friends are still here, free at night, and by then I usually need a break so we do fun things, and I'm never going to leave. I hope to make a lot of progress today though. 

But you wanted a post on change, didn't ya. Here it goes -

I got my hair cut probably 3 weeks ago now. Love. Anyone looking for a hair cut in BV (SVU Girls, I'm talking to you) go to Expressions (right next to Originals) and ask for Sara. Poor girl is gonna get crazy busy now that I've put that out in the blogosphere but it is so true, she did good! 

I had her trim my bangs and show me how to cut them but now, I'm feeling like growing them out. The last week has been full of packing, cleaning, swimming, and bonfires so I have been wearing a headband to keep the bangs back. Last night I decided to straighten my hair so I looked like I semi-cared about my appearance and I still felt like pushing them back with a headband. So, I'm growing them out. It's been fun but I think they've run their course, and after years of hairdressers telling me that if I tried to do blunt, straight bangs that my hair would not cooperate and then my hair did - I now feel confident with growing them out and at some future point, chopping them again. Because I can. So there, you doubting hairdressers. Boo.


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  1. I love you! And this, it sounds super crazy, but fun and exciting at the same time. You better see me when you are in Utah.