Plans change.
Especially plans I make.

Like this weekend when we tried to go to Raleigh and it didn't happen,
or tried to make it to the Kennedy Center for a 2pm performance.. and got there at 3pm
(with a very frustrated, sad boy in my passenger seat)

Or like my plans to get to Utah,
sometimes, they change.

Original plan:
Leave VA on June 6th for NY
Fly from NY to UT on June 15th
I would miss George's graduation (which we weren't certain about it happening or not) but would get out early enough that it was a plane ticket I could afford and I wouldn't be spending rent on a place in Utah without being there.

I felt conflicted with this plan because my Dad really felt that if I was home for George's graduation that it would motivate him to do better in his classes these next few critical weeks. I wanted to be home as well but I know from last summer that it takes me a few months before I am comfortable in a new place. I figure Utah will not be much different and if I leave late that gives me only 2 months to get used to Utah and make a decision about staying or moving. This also gets me out later with a job, car etc

Enter Mother (Dransfield) with a plan that is hard to refuse.

Professor is flying out to St. George on the 22nd to be with his parents for a bit and was going to fly back and drive the van out with Mother and the boys to be out there for some family weddings and then drive it back. That is a good bit of traveling in a short period of time. So I got a call from Mother asking if I would be interested in a cross-country trip.

It would allow me to stay in NY long enough for George's graduation, have a little extra time with the family and bring a few more things with me without having to pay for extra checked bags.

So - New Plan:

Leave VA sometime this next week. If I leave Monday like planned I will be in NY for 3 weeks and that, my friends, is a little long. I'll leave maybe Wednesday or Thursday for NY and be there until the 26th/27th. We'll drive down and meet Mother somewhere between NY, VA and Dayton, OH and begin our journey.

It's definitely not my original plan but I feel really good about it. I've been going back and forth with this decision to move and I finally feel good about it, and now I get a final trip with my Virginia family. It sounds good, yeah?

In the meantime I'll be looking for jobs and a car and housing so if anyone has leads or ideas - send them my way!

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